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At NPPD, we’re leading innovation

At NPPD, we’re leading innovation
June 13, 2024

NPPD strives to embrace a growth mindset across the organization, especially in areas of innovation. A growth mindset invites us to sit in the discomfort that can sometimes arise when embracing new challenges, learning from constructive criticism and yes, even failure, and persisting even in the face of setbacks. This isn’t a bad thing, as a growth mindset builds the resiliency needed to help us further develop our knowledge and adapt in a world of rapid change and quickly evolving customer needs and expectations. It helps us find inspiration everywhere.

Many mistakenly believe the electric industry is stagnant. Never changing. Never evolving. Yet, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Yes – the laws of physics are immutable, and we value the well-honed traditions public power was built upon – putting customers first and providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to folks near and far, and to businesses large and small.

But you may be surprised to learn NPPD is often on the leading edge of innovation, thanks to our creative, talented, customer-focused teammates. Teammates across the state are devoted to finding novel solutions that are a win-win for NPPD and our customers. It’s also thanks to our partnerships with organizations devoted to research and development, such as the Low Carbon Resource Initiatives we are exploring with the Electric Power Research Institute, or our funding of and collaboration with the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s (UNL) Nebraska Center for Energy Science Research. These working relationships are invaluable in identifying opportunities that truly blaze trails of what’s possible for the power sector and our customers, without sacrificing the traditions and values we hold dear.

“That’s the way we’ve always done it” can no longer be a phrase in our vocabulary, not if we want to support increasingly diverse customer needs and the exponential load growth that follows. This is especially true when coupled with an industry experiencing significant changes in regulations and policy, especially pertaining to carbon reduction.

Evolving challenges require new solutions, and that’s really exciting. It means we can stretch, grow, and innovate as we continue to strategically position ourselves and continue our work to become the best of the best in the industry. And, we are up for the task, because we know this is the best way we can build efficiencies and maximize value to customers to power Nebraskans and positively impact generations to come.

The list below is by no means exhaustive, but it gives you a good idea of the multitude of technologies we are actively using or exploring that align with our unwavering focus on reliability, affordability, resiliency, and sustainability.

  • Drones to improve the safety and efficiency of everyday work
  • Next generation nuclear technologies (learn more here)
  • Many hydrogen-related solutions for power generation and agriculture
  • Carbon capture projects at Gerald Gentleman Station, including geological sequestration opportunities with UNL
  • New generation projects that complement our already diverse mix and add further flexibility and capacity (learn more here)
  • Alternate fuels like biomass, methanol, ammonia, renewable diesel, and natural gas
  • Thermal energy storage, compressed air energy storage, utility scale battery energy storage, and more
  • Grants being applied for to improve upon cyber security and resiliency

Our sleeves are rolled up, and we’re ready to lead the transformation and modernization of this industry. We are honored to help customers innovate and advance their own businesses and lives. And, we are ready to invest in, build and power Nebraska’s future with careful planning in collaboration with our customers.

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