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Energy Resources

We strive to generate and deliver the best energy value for Nebraskans

We believe a diverse generation mix serves our customers best. We use wind -- when it is available. We use coal -- which is reliable and helps keep electric rates low. We use water -- one of the oldest forms of renewable energy. We use nuclear -- which offers emission-free, around-the-clock power. We use natural gas -- to complement the portfolio.

Nebraska map with colored circles showing locations of our energy resources

Our diverse energy generation mix helps keep rates low and electricity flowing 24/7

Energy Generation Resources for Nebraska Customers
2022-2023 Rolling Two-Year Average
2022-2023 Energy Generation Resources for Nebraska Customers

Keeping with our mission of delivering reliable, low cost, sustainable energy, our carbon-free energy generation resource mix is among the best in the nation.

NPPD is a member of the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), a non-profit regional transmission organization in the central part of the United States. SPP is mandated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to ensure customers in the region receive reliable power, adequate transmission infrastructure and competitively priced electricity. SPP and its members coordinate the flow of electricity across more than 65,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines spanning 14 states.

To help NPPD with its energy marketing decisions, NPPD partners with The Energy Authority (TEA). The partnership works similar to an auction where NPPD has electricity to sell (or a need to buy), and TEA is like an auctioneer, trying to get the best price for the product.