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Co-op / Internships

These hands-on experiences are designed to fit career objectives, complement academic work, enhance learning and give students a competitive edge in today’s job market.

Co-op opportunities are generally geared toward technical positions (e.g. engineering). Upon selection, the co-op engineering student will work for NPPD a semester and a summer. The student will be given increasingly challenging work in his/her career field, working alongside experienced professionals. Students may be hired to work more than one co-op session during their college career.


  • Vacation / Paid Holidays
  • Paid Medical Leave
  • Assistance with living expenses

An internship may be a summer program, a semester, or a year-long program. Internships are typically project-based and are open to qualified students who meet certain minimum requirements. Student interns perform work within their fields of study to enhance their knowledge through practical experience. College credit may apply to some internships.