Current Projects

We work smart to enhance reliablity and operational excellence while improving the quality of life and economic opportunities for Nebraskans.

Rainbow arching over a transmission line


Our electric grid is an essential link to reliable delivery of electricity when you need it. To ensure greater reliability, we plan to construct a 345,000-volt transmission line from Gerald Gentleman Station near Sutherland to an existing substation east of Thedford, then proceed east and connect to a second substation to be sited in Holt County.

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Technician replacing an electric meter on a house

Advanced Meter Installation

In an effort to upgrade electric metering equipment, we will be replacing existing residential, commercial, and industrial meters in retail communities with advanced meters. 

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Technician installing an LED streetlight

LED Lighting

Keeping energy conservation in mind, upgrade opportunities continue across the state to replace high pressure sodium street light bulbs with LED lighting, providing better light quality.