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Emergent outage planned for customers in Boyd County, parts of Holt and Knox Counties

Columbus, Neb. – Two planned outages will take place from 1 to 5 p.m. for customers in Boyd County as well as parts of Holt and Knox Counties on May 28 and 31, to repair an emergent issue on a Western Area Power Association (WAPA) transmission line.

The outage will impact Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) customers in the communities of Butte, Bristow, and Lynch, as well as the Village of Spencer and Niobrara Valley Electric Membership Corporation customers in rural Boyd County, northwestern Knox County, and northern Holt County.

This planned outage is unrelated to previous planned outages observed so upgrades can be made to the local substation that serves the growing load in the area.

“WAPA has identified and notified NPPD of a critical issue on their transmission line connected to NPPD’s substation that needs repaired as soon as possible,” noted NPPD Account Manager Brittney Koenig. “In order to make the needed repairs, an outage must be taken to the transmission line, which will require an outage to the substation serving the area as well. If these repairs are not made prior to the summer load ramping up, it could impact the ability to serve electricity to the area in the coming months.”

Work to upgrade the transformer at the substation is progressing, and one more outage will be observed after summer when the work is completed, to return the system to normal operation. The system is currently connected to a mobile substation with a higher capacity to serve load. This will allow NPPD to serve the growing electric demand in the area, until the new transformer is installed at the permanent substation.

“I want to thank everyone in the affected areas for your continued patience and understanding as we work through this unforeseen event,” adds Koenig, “We understand these outages are not convenient, but we want to ensure the system is in proper operating condition heading into the hottest months of the year.”

Customers will be notified via phone of the time and date for the planned outages. NPPD works closely with the impacted public power companies and communities to schedule any planned outages.

NPPD to remove vegetation from north section of Sutherland Canal

Columbus, Neb. – Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) will be completing work next week to remove vegetation from the Sutherland Canal to improve water flows.

The Sutherland Canal has seen increased amounts of vegetation growing within the canal from the Lake Ogallala Diversion leading up to the Sutherland Reservoir, over the past several years. The increased vegetation has started to restrict flows during the summer months and limits the amount of water being delivered to Sutherland Reservoir, which provides cooling water for Gerald Gentleman Station (GGS).

“This application will ensure the canal can operate properly heading into the warm summer months when it is needed,” says NPPD Engineer Specialist Josh Staab. “The herbicide will degrade as it moves through the canal and dissipate by the time it reaches the Sutherland Reservoir.”  

The first herbicide application will take place on Tuesday, May 14, to treat the aquatic plants that grow under the water. A second application will take place later in the week utilizing a drone to apply a herbicide to the banks of the canal above the current water level, which are difficult to reach by boat or vehicle.

Look up, look out for power lines when operating large equipment

Columbus, Neb. – Nebraska Public Power District reminds large equipment operators to look up and look out for power lines, especially as farmers head back to the fields for planting season.

When large equipment gets too close to a power line, electricity can arc to the equipment, leaving the equipment damaged with the potential to cause serious or fatal injuries to the operator.

“It’s important for farmers, and other large equipment operators, to identify where power lines travel along their land or the areas they are working, so they can maintain a safe distance with their equipment,” says NPPD Vice President of Energy Delivery Scott Walz. “Taking the extra time to check your surroundings can help ensure someone doesn’t accidentally unfold a tall piece of equipment under a power line or get too close to a line while they are working.”  

If a vehicle or piece of equipment is in contact with a power line, call 911 or your local power provider and remain inside the vehicle until help can arrive and deenergize the power line. When a power line is touching a vehicle, it can electrify both the vehicle and the ground in the surrounding area. If a fire forces you to exit the vehicle, then do so by jumping away from the vehicle, landing on two feet, and shuffling as far away from the area as possible.

NPPD encourages farmers to review the following safety precautions before entering the fields to begin harvest operations. Find more information on farm safety.

  • Each day, review all farm activities and work practices that will take place around power lines and remind all workers to take precautions.
  • Know the location of power lines and when setting up the farm equipment, be at least 20 feet away from them. Contact your local public power provider if you feel this distance cannot be achieved.
  • Use caution when raising augers or the bed of a grain truck or wagon. It can be difficult to estimate distance, and sometimes a power line is closer than it looks. For large equipment, use a spotter to ensure the equipment stays a safe distance from the line.
  • Always adjust portable augers or elevators to their lowest possible level – under 14 feet – before transporting them. Variables like wind, uneven ground, or shifting weight can cause unexpected results.

Kearney Canal to be dewatered to make repairs inside hydro

Columbus, Neb. – Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) will be dewatering approximately fourteen miles of the Kearney Canal leading up to the Kearney Hydro to complete repair work inside the hydro.

NPPD began returning water to the Kearney Canal around two weeks ago, and after water began flowing through the system, a mechanical issue was discovered within the Kearney Hydro that was preventing it from operating properly.

“In order to fix the issue, the canal leading up to the hydro will need to be dewatered, so we can get inside the hydro to evaluate what needs fixed and make repairs,” said NPPD Water Systems Maintenance Technician Mike Koubek. “We know a lot of people enjoy recreational activities along the canal, and we appreciate everyone’s patience while we complete this work safely.”

Water levels will lower through the weekend, and crews expect they will be able to enter the hydro to begin evaluating the issue early next week. Once crews have completed their evaluation, they will have a better understanding of the timeline required to make repairs and refill the canal.

NPPD will send out more details on the timeline to refill the canal once that information is available.

NPPD celebrating Arbor Day with students in Long Pine

Columbus, Neb. – Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) will be celebrating Arbor Day by planting fifteen trees in Long Pine.

NPPD will be planting fifteen trees on the Cowboy Trail Wednesday, April 24 with the help of fourth graders from Ainsworth Elementary School and Bassett Grade School. Students will help plant ten of the trees and will learn about power line safety, digging safety, and tree planting tips in addition to presenting the Arbor Day projects they worked on in class. The remaining five trees will be planted by the city. The tree planting is set to begin at 1 p.m.

“Planting trees is a great way to give back to the communities we serve and a fun way to get students involved,” said NPPD Marketing Content Specialist and event organizer Christy Avery. “The celebration provides a great opportunity to teach local students about the importance of trees as well as the importance of powerline and electrical safety when planting trees.”

NPPD was recently acknowledged by Tree Line USA for the 18th consecutive year, for meeting the organization’s standards of training employees in quality tree care and educating the public on tree planting for energy conservation and appropriate planting near power lines.

The Tree Line USA program recognizes electric utilities that demonstrate practices which protect and enhance America’s rural and urban trees. NPPD’s membership in the Tree Line USA program, sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation, provides an avenue to help promote the safety and reliability of power lines through public education programs about the proper planting of trees and vegetation.

Planned outage for customers in Boyd County, parts of Holt and Knox County

Columbus, Neb. – The second in a series of three planned outages is scheduled for electric customers in Boyd County as well as parts of Holt and Knox County, Sunday, April 28 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to prepare for the replacement of a transformer at the substation serving the area.

The outage will impact Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) customers in the communities of Butte, Bristow, and Lynch, as well as the Village of Spencer and Niobrara Valley Electric Membership Corporation customers in rural Boyd County, northwestern Knox County, and northern Holt County.

“During the outage crews will be connecting a mobile substation to the system. This will allow crews to safely install the new transformer at the permanent substation and ensure reliable service to the area throughout the summer months,” noted NPPD Account Manager Brittney Koenig. “I want to thank everyone in the affected areas for your patience and understanding during these outages.”

One more outage will be observed at a later date to return the system to normal operation once the new transformer is installed. Customers will be notified of this time and date when it has been set. NPPD works closely with the impacted public power companies and communities to schedule any planned outages.

Planned power outage scheduled April 22 for Sterling and St. Mary

Columbus, Neb. – A planned power outage is scheduled for the villages of Sterling and St. Mary on April 22 from 8 a.m. to noon, so crews can safely reroute a powerline, to support a local project.

Crews will be adjusting the placement of some power poles northwest of Sterling near the Big Nemaha River. Crews are moving the poles to support work being completed on a bridge in this area. The line being moved is owned by Norris Public Power District and connects to the Nebraska Public Power District substation that serves customers in Sterling and St. Mary.

“Outages are never convenient, but this work will help support the safe completion of a local infrastructure project near these communities. We want to make sure residents are aware of the planned outage and give them time to plan ahead,” said NPPD Account Manager Craig Vincent.

NPPD worked closely with Norris Public Power District, the village administration, and local school to set the date and time for the outage. NPPD will be contacting electric customers in Sterling and St. Mary with automated phone messages to notify them prior to the planned outage.

Water to start flowing soon in Kearney Canal

Columbus, Neb. – Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) is preparing to return water to the Kearney Canal starting as early as next week.

NPPD plans to start releasing water into the canal system beginning as early as Monday, April 8, and water will fill the canal over the course of several days.

“The canal is a great feature within Kearney and many people participate in activities along or downstream of the canal system and we want to make sure residents are aware water will soon start flowing through the system,” says NPPD Water Systems Maintenance Technician Mike Koubek.

NPPD then plans to dewater the canal again in October, so Water Systems crews can conduct necessary maintenance on the system. The canal, which runs along the western and southern sides of Kearney, is emptied every year before winter so crews can conduct maintenance activities. Water is typically returned to the canal in mid-April as the average temperatures begin to warm up.

The Kearney Canal is used for irrigation and feeds into the Kearney Hydro, a 1-megawatt hydro generation facility located near 15th Avenue and University Drive.

Planned power outage scheduled for Oakdale, April 10

Columbus, Neb. – A planned power outage is scheduled for the village of Oakdale on April 10 from 1-5 p.m. to give crews an opportunity to repair equipment at the substation serving the community.

“Outages are not convenient for anyone but taking this planned outage will allow our crews to conduct maintenance and repair equipment at the substation, which will ensure the village continues to have reliable electric service,” noted Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) Account Manager Brittney Koenig.

While the outage is taking place, crews from NPPD will be trimming trees and performing maintenance on power lines that can only be completed while the power is off.

NPPD worked with the village administration to set the date and time for the outage. NPPD will be contacting electric customers in Oakdale with automated phone messages to notify them prior to the planned outage.

Severe weather brings danger of downed power lines

Columbus, Neb. -  During Severe Weather Awareness Week, Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) wants to remind customers to be vigilant of downed power lines.

Severe storms with tornadoes, high winds, or ice can damage power poles and power lines, leaving them broken or lying on the ground.

“Nebraskans are used to seeing severe storms this time of year, but when those storms hit, it’s important to remember the dangers downed power lines pose,” said NPPD Vice President of Energy Delivery Scott Walz. “If someone comes upon a damaged power line laying across the ground, a vehicle, or some other area, it’s important they stay away. The line, or the ground around the line, could be charged with electricity and getting too close could result in serious or fatal injury.”

If an individual notices a damaged power line during a storm, they should call 911 or their local utility, who will dispatch professionals to de-energize and safely repair the line.

If you are in a car and a power line or power pole has fallen on it, stay in the car until utility personnel arrive on the scene. If remaining in the car is not an option due to a fire or other unsafe conditions jump clear of the vehicle so that you land upright with your feet reaching the ground at the same time, and then shuffle away from the area.

Safety tips and precautions during a power outage can be found at Electrical Safety.

Planned outage scheduled in Boyd County, parts of Holt and Knox County

Columbus, Neb. – A planned outage is scheduled for electric customers in Boyd County as well as parts of Holt and Knox County, Sunday, March 17th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to prepare for the replacement of a transformer at the substation that serves the area.

The outage will impact Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) customers in the communities of Butte, Bristow, Lynch, and the Village of Spencer, as well as Niobrara Valley Electric Membership Corporation customers in rural Boyd County, northwestern Knox County, and northern Holt County.

“Outages are not convenient for anyone but taking this planned outage will allow our crews to prepare the site for the new transformer and to upgrade equipment at the substation, which will ensure reliable service to the area for many years to come,” noted NPPD Account Manager Brittney Koenig.

While the outage is taking place, crews from NPPD and Niobrara Valley will be completing some additional work on the distribution system in the area, that would otherwise require a planned outage to be completed. “We never like when any of our customers have to experience an outage, so taking advantage of this planned outage to complete additional work will prevent us from needing to take additional outages in the future,” notes Niobrara Valley Electric Membership Corporation General Manager Matt Fritz.

Two more additional outages will be observed at later dates, and customers will be notified of these times and dates. NPPD works closely with the impacted public power companies and communities to schedule any planned outages.

Power pole inspections to be conducted across the state

Columbus, Neb. - Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) is starting the process to inspect poles on its distribution, subtransmission, and transmission system across the state.

NPPD has contracted with Alamon Utility Services to inspect wood poles on its distribution system and at its subtransmission facilities. Crews from the contractors are expected to begin inspections on March 11 and aim to complete the work by the end of June.

This process involves ground line excavation, inspection, and rehabilitation treatment. Crews will be dressed in high-visibility vests and will be traveling from pole to pole in a UTV. Communities that will be inspected include Chadron, Creighton, and Norfolk, plus subtransmission lines in the rural areas of Spencer, Page, Ainsworth, Long Pine, Ogallala, Brule, Sutherland, and Milford. The inspection program is a proactive approach to finding poles with decay before the poles fall.  

NPPD has also contracted with Osmose Utility Services to conduct wood pole inspections on the transmission system across the state. These inspections will last through June. In addition, NPPD line crews will be using helicopters to patrol all NPPD transmission lines from the air and UTVs to patrol the lines from the ground.

Anyone who has questions relating to this activity, please call 1-877-ASK-NPPD (275-6773). A customer service representative will then contact the necessary NPPD personnel to address any issues.

NPPD welcomes Paxton as newest retail town

Columbus, Neb. – The Village of Paxton has entered into a Professional Retail Operating Agreement with Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) that will go into effect March 1.

The Village will retain ownership of the electric system, while NPPD will provide all the functions of electric service, including operating the system, responding to outages, billing customers, and providing customer service. Customer electric accounts will automatically be transitioned to NPPD’s system.

“NPPD is very excited to welcome Paxton as our 80th retail community, and we look forward to providing the village with reliable and affordable power for years to come,” said NPPD General Manager of Retail Pat Hanrahan. Customers will have access to the NPPD web portal and mobile app to view and manage their accounts or can utilize NPPD’s 24-hour customer support by calling 1-877-ASK-NPPD.  

As part of the transition, NPPD crews will replace the current electric meters with new ones. The new meters are equipped with two-way communication known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI); a digital metering technology used around the world for more than a decade. The new meters allow NPPD personnel to automatically read electric meters from service centers, provide a higher level of customer service, help customer service representatives troubleshoot billing concerns, and improve electric service reliability and power quality for customers.

“The installation of the AMI system helps maintain competitive electric rates for our customers by reducing operating expenses, but also allows our crews to pinpoint the exact location of outages quicker, meaning a faster response time in restoring power,” added Hanrahan.

Prior to installation, the District’s customer service organization will contact retail customers via phone to alert them to the installation of the meters. A District employee driving a marked vehicle will switch out the meter at the residence or business and will remove the old one from the premises. A resident or business owner does not need to be there when the switch-out occurs, and there will be a brief interruption of electric service.

NPPD begins process to add new generation for future growth

Columbus, Neb. – Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) continues to see substantial load growth and has begun the process to add new generation capacity to NPPD’s resource mix, following board approval of a capital budget item Thursday.

During Thursday’s regularly scheduled meeting, NPPD’s Board of Directors approved the budget item. This starts the process of adding generation to serve the rapidly increasing load coming to the state. NPPD Economic Development Manager Nicole Sedlacek noted, “There has been a recent and sharp increase in new ag, ag industrial, and data center loads siting their facilities in Nebraska, due in part to the affordable and reliable electric service provided by the public power entities that serve Nebraska.”

The new generation resources are targeted to be installed by 2027 and would include the following:

  • 50 MWs of battery storage located near NPPD’s Ainsworth Wind Energy Facility
  • 50 MWs of battery storage capacity purchased from an existing privately-owned wind facility  
  • 216 MWs of dual fuel reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICE) that would use natural gas as a primary fuel source and have the option to utilize diesel
  • 420 MWs of dual fuel combustion turbines (CT) that would use natural gas as a primary fuel source and have the option to utilize diesel

The new generation increases diversity in NPPD’s overall fleet and provides a balance of operating flexibility and cost. “Every generation resource has its benefits and limitations, and our team believes this mix of resources is the best suited to meet the growing needs of our customers,” added NPPD Executive Vice-President and Chief Operations Officer Mick Spencer. “The RICE engines are very efficient and have the ability to ramp up and down quickly to meet rapid fluctuations in load and generation. The CT turbines are also very flexible and can be installed at a lower capital cost. The battery storage system will take advantage of available capacity on the transmission system when load and energy prices are low while providing additional dispatchable generation when the need for energy is greater.” Specific locations for the RICE and CT turbines have not been announced but will be located at existing NPPD generating facilities. NPPD, like other utilities serving load in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), must demonstrate that it has sufficient generating capacity to serve its customers. These new generating resources will be available to serve expanding load, but NPPD will also serve them with energy from its existing resources and the SPP market. The planned generation expansion will require a variety of regulatory approvals.

The Board also approved NPPD to pursue the relicensing of Cooper Nuclear Station, located in Brownville. The plant is Nebraska’s largest, single-unit source of carbon-free energy, generating approximately 835 megawatts of electricity. It significantly contributes to the affordable, reliable energy NPPD provides its customers. The license renewal would allow the plant to generate for another 20 years, beginning in 2034 and operating through 2054.

“NPPD is very excited for the opportunity to work alongside our wholesale public power partners to serve the new loads that are coming to both their service territories and our service territory,” said NPPD President and CEO Tom Kent. “The process of adding new generation is one that is not taken lightly, and our team has been working diligently to find the best path forward with a continued focus on maintaining the affordable, reliable, sustainable, and resilient power service our customers have come to expect.”

For more information, please visit nppd.com/generation.

NPPD announces final line route for Norfolk-Stanton North Project

Columbus, Neb. – Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) has finalized the route for the Norfolk-Stanton North Project, which will provide a necessary path for a new 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line between two local substations.

“We are grateful for the active participation at our open houses and public hearings,” says NPPD Project Manager Paul Brune. “Their valuable input helped us accomplish our goal of identifying a final route. As we start the next step of the process, we will work closely with landowners to determine how we can best minimize impacts to their property.”

NPPD will soon begin contacting property owners along the route to keep them informed on the process. This will allow them to ask questions, provide any additional property information, and offer insight on land use. Right-of-way agents will also discuss right-of-entry agreements with each landowner which will allow NPPD to conduct environmental assessments, survey activities, engineering assessments, and structural spotting assessments. Crews will also be utilizing drones to conduct surveys along the route in preparation for construction of the new line.

The approximately eight-mile long 115 kV transmission line will provide a necessary path between the Norfolk substation on the east side of Norfolk to the Stanton North substation northwest of Stanton. The new line will increase the transmission system’s capacity to meet increasing demand and further enhance reliability and resiliency in the Stanton, Cuming, and Burt County areas. This project fulfils NPPD’s obligation to serve wholesale customer demand. Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin mid-2025.

A map of the final route and additional information on the Norfolk-Stanton North Project can be found at norfolk-stantonnorth.nppd.com.

NPPD Board of Directors elects officers, Chlopek to serve as Chair

Columbus, Neb. – The Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) Board of Directors elected officers during Wednesday’s regularly scheduled meeting in Columbus.

Officers elected Wednesday will serve in their roles for a two-year term. Jerry Chlopek of Columbus was elected to serve as the Chair of NPPD’s Board of Directors, while Wayne Williams of Central City was elected to serve as first vice chair, Chris Langemeier of Schuyler will serve as second vice chair, and Aaron Troester of O’Neill was elected to serve as secretary. NPPD Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Laura Kapustka will continue to serve as treasurer.

“I’m looking forward to serving as Chair of the NPPD Board in 2024, and the opportunity to continue working alongside a great group of board members who are focused on bringing the best of public power to all of our customers,” adds Chlopek.

Chlopek has served on the NPPD board since 2009 and represents Subdivision 9, which consists of Butler, Platte, and Polk Counties. Previously he served as first vice chair in 2021 and has served as secretary for a total of seven years. Chlopek also served as Chair in 2022 and 2023. Chlopek worked for Cornhusker Public Power District for more than 40 years, retiring in 2009 as the utility’s Operations Director. A graduate of Genoa High School, Jerry served in the U.S. Marine Corps and the Army Reserve.

The Board of Directors also appointed Cristal Menke as assistant treasurer, and Christopher Norquest as deputy assistant treasurer. Jan Modelski was re-appointed as assistant secretary, and Sandra Keefover as deputy assistant secretary. All are from Columbus.

Scottsbluff Community Solar array is back online, damaged panels to be recycled

Columbus, Neb. – The Scottsbluff Community Solar facility that was damaged in a June 2023 hailstorm has been repaired, re-commissioned, and returned to operation, with the damaged solar panels removed from the site to be recycled.

“The storm that rolled through the Scottsbluff area in June that contained softball and baseball size hail was exceptionally intense,” says Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) General Manager of Retail Pat Hanrahan. “The process to replace the panels and get it back online in a timely manner to serve the customers of Scottsbluff, is thanks to strong partnerships with Sol Systems and GenPro.”

Sol Systems, the co-developer and asset manager of the 4.375-megawatt AC community solar array worked with the solar facility’s insurance provider and the engineering, procurement, and construction firm, GenPro Energy Solutions, to replace the damaged panels. GenPro co-developed and constructed the solar array in 2017 and holds the operations and maintenance contract for the facility.

GenPro, who has developed and built many community and municipal solar projects throughout Nebraska, used a 17-person crew to complete the reconstruction work, including 12 workers from Scottsbluff. “We were very impressed with the crew that helped rebuild the Scottsbluff project. Their hard work allowed us to get the system back online efficiently and without any safety instances,” said Jeremy Anderson, GenPro’s CCO.  

Sol Systems is also working with the company SOLARCYCLE to recycle the damaged panels. SOLARCYCLE says their process for recycling panels can extract up to 95% of the value from a panel and supplies the recycled material to build new panels and support domestic supply chains for key minerals. SOLARCYCLE’s Odessa, Texas recycling facility is fully permitted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

"We at Sol Systems are deeply committed to the resilience and sustainability of solar energy infrastructure. It's gratifying to see the Scottsbluff Community Solar facility come back online, providing a clean energy supply to the community. Through the SOLARCYCLE partnership, even damaged panels find purpose in recycling, embodying our dedication to environmental stewardship and a circular economy in renewable energy. We are proud to demonstrate that, even in the face of challenges, our approach remains environmentally conscious and community-focused,” said Eugene Rhee, Associate Vice President of Performance Engineering at Sol Systems.

NPPD has a power purchase agreement to buy the output from the solar facility, and NPPD customers who live in Scottsbluff can sign up for solar shares and receive a credit on their bill. Solar shares were paused while repairs were completed, and customers will start seeing a credit again on their bills for their December energy use.

Safety important during severe winter weather

Columbus, Neb. – Much of Nebraska got its first taste of snow over the holidays and Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) wants to remind customers of the importance of safety during severe winter weather.

Severe winter storms with heavy amounts of snow, wind, or ice can impact powerlines and result in downed powerlines, downed power poles, and can cause power outages.

“If anyone were to come upon a downed powerline, they should stay clear of the area. Getting too close or touching a downed line could result in serious or fatal injuries,” says NPPD Vice-President of Energy Delivery Scott Walz. “Our crews are prepared and ready to respond to power outages during winter storms and will work to restore power to customers as quickly and as safely as possible.”

NPPD encourages customers to assemble a few items including a flashlight, extra batteries, a portable radio, at least one gallon of water, and a small supply of food, to access in case of a winter outage. It is also suggested that the refrigerator and freezer doors should be kept closed during an outage to keep food cold.

Customers with access to a generator that can be used during an outage, should make sure they are never used indoors and are installed by a licensed electrician. “Generators and grills should not be used in areas that don’t have sufficient ventilation, such as a garage,” adds NPPD Corporate Safety Manager Brad Palu. “It’s also important to make sure indoor fireplaces are properly maintained and ventilated to ensure no one in the home breathes in dangerous fumes or that the fire spreads outside the fireplace.”

Customers can find outage information using the “NPPD On the Go!” mobile app or by going to nppd.com.

NPPD to Host Public Hearings Dec. 12 for Norfolk-Stanton North Transmission Project

Columbus, Neb. – Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) will hold two public hearings for the proposed Norfolk-Stanton North project, December 12 at Victory Road Assembly of God Church in Norfolk from 1-3 p.m. and at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Stanton from 7-9 p.m.  

NPPD has identified the proposed route for a new approximately eight-mile, 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line from NPPD’s existing Norfolk substation on the southeast side of Norfolk to NPPD’s existing Stanton North Substation in northwest Stanton County. The new line will increase the transmission system’s capacity to meet increasing demand and further enhance reliability and resiliency in the Stanton, Cuming, and Burt County areas. The project is in the second phase, in which NPPD hosts public hearings to present the proposed route. Property owners along the proposed route were mailed a certified letter invitation to the public hearings.  

One hour prior to each hearing, an open house will be available for attendees to visit with the project team. Similar to the previous open house held in September, this will be an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the project. A virtual open house will also be available December 12 through January 11, 2024, at norfolk-stantonnorth.nppd.com.  

The public hearing, required under Nebraska statutes, is conducted to present the proposed transmission project. A court reporter will be used to document all presentations by NPPD as well as public comments and questions.  

The public hearings will begin with a presentation from authorized NPPD representatives that will discuss the project need, engineering aspects, line route selections, and the easement acquisition process. NPPD will take questions and comments at the conclusion of the formal hearings.  

Once the public hearings conclude, there will be a 30-day comment period. After the comment period, NPPD will announce the final line route and begin meeting with landowners to discuss right-of-entry agreements to conduct initial activities on properties along the final route. These activities include surveys of the proposed easement areas as well as appraisal work. After engineering is complete, right-of-way agents will meet with landowners to fully explain the project as it relates to their specific property and explain terms and conditions of the easement needed for the line. NPPD strives for fair and respectful treatment of affected landowners during the entire process.  

For more information about the Norfolk-Stanton North Project, including newsletters and a map of the proposed route, visit norfolk-stantonnorth.nppd.com.

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