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Scottsbluff II Solar shares selling fast

January 24, 2020

Columbus, Neb. – Shares for the Scottsbluff II Solar project are selling fast, with the project coming close to selling out its available shares.

Shares for the 4.375-megawatt solar farm opened for registration on Jan. 2, 2020. In just under a month, over 90 percent of the Scottsbluff II shares have already been purchased. A small percentage of the residents who have reserved shares still need to confirm that they intend to keep their shares but following their confirmation only a small number of shares remain.

“Businesses and residents were initially capped at how many shares they could purchase,” says NPPD Vice-President and General Manager of Retail Tim Arlt. “Our goal is to provide everyone an opportunity to participate in the community solar program if they choose too, so as we get closer to selling out the shares, we want to make sure residents are aware of the opportunity to participate.”

The first community solar project, located near NPPD’s Scottsbluff facility, was well received and sold out immediately before going online in 2017.

Customers who purchased shares from the first community solar project paid a higher premium to participate, something that will change moving forward. As the second solar project comes online, customers who have purchased shares from both the first and second project will see a credit on their bill. The solar share prices will be blended together resulting in a production cost savings to all solar program participants.

“It’s also important to reiterate that the community solar projects are not subsidized in any way,” notes Arlt. “If a community chooses not to participate in a community solar project, they will not pay any costs associated with the projects established in other communities. Through work with our partner communities, NPPD has established clear guidelines that prohibit cost shifts or subsidies.”

To find out more information or to request shares for the Scottsbluff Community Solar project, go to