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NPPD retail, wholesale rates remain stable in 2018

December 15, 2017

Columbus, Neb. – Electric rates for wholesale and retail customers of Nebraska Public Power District will remain stable for 2018 with no overall average increase in either category of customers.

NPPD President and CEO Pat Pope praised work done by District employees to implement long-term, cost cutting measures that do not impact service, reliability, or jeopardize safety for customers or themselves.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers another year of rate stability,” said Pope. “We are constantly seeking ways to maintain rate competitiveness both regionally and nationally.”

While NPPD’s retail customers will see no overall average increase, slight changes to monthly customer and energy charges were approved to more accurately reflect the cost to serve individual customer classes, completing a two-year phase-in to adjust customer charges to cost of service levels.

“Efforts to reduce costs and improve processes are paying off,” said NPPD’s Retail General Manager Tim Arlt. “This will be the fifth straight year we have been able to maintain stable rates for NPPD’s retail customers.”

Based on 2016 data released in November from the Energy Information Administration, NPPD’s overall base retail electric rates rank in the 14th lowest-cost percentile of utilities nationwide. A slight decrease in NPPD’s average retail base electric rates continues to keep the District 23 percent below the national average. NPPD’s wholesale rates have also remained stable during this timeframe, seeing only slight increases (less than one percent) to account for the cost of new transmission line projects.

Seventy-nine communities in NPPD’s service territory are served at retail and include communities such as Scottsbluff, Kearney, York, Norfolk and Plattsmouth.

NPPD’s wholesale customers include public power districts, co-operatives and wholesale communities such as North Platte. NPPD also has wholesale power supply agreements with 46 municipalities and 25 rural public power districts and rural cooperatives that rely totally or partially on NPPD for wholesale power supply.

NPPD’s 2018 wholesale rates will take effect on February 1, 2018, while retail rates go into effect on April 1, 2018.