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NPPD process ensures customer safety, grid reliability before starting a renewable energy project

February 17, 2020

Columbus, Neb. – Interest in building renewable energy resources, specifically solar generation and battery storage, continues to grow in Nebraska, and Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) wants to make sure customers are aware of steps that need to be taken before beginning construction on such projects.

These renewable resources are referred to as renewable distributed generation (DG) and they must be connected to a public electric system. NPPD encourages customers interested in adding DG to their home or business, to start by reaching out to their local public power utility to see if the project is viable and to evaluate projected savings.

NPPD has developed a process to ensure it can appropriately maintain the reliability of its electric system and public safety during installation and operation of renewable DG projects. Electric consumers, developers and contractors investing in a project are required to utilize this process, which begins with a form called the “Interconnection Application for NPPD Approval to Connect Distributed or Local Generation.”

This form allows end-use customers to submit formal notification to NPPD regarding their proposed project. Under the process, NPPD maintains the right to approve or deny any DG project that affects the electric system, including DG projects developed prior to these procedures.

“NPPD looks forward to actively partnering with all interested in undertaking a renewable DG project in a way that greatly minimizes impacts to our grid and community members,” said NPPD Senior Project Coordinator Tom Pillen. “NPPD also wants end-use customers to make an educated choice about their solar project.”

NPPD recommends using its customer-owned solar calculator to estimate potential savings and compare options when considering a solar project.

In turn, NPPD has also implemented and continues to explore opportunities for several community solar projects in retail communities throughout Nebraska. These projects avoid the up-front costs of customer-owned solar while still giving customers the chance to participate in renewable energy. has a variety of resources available to help you make a sound decision on any DG project. The DG generation form and related details, as well as the solar calculator, a solar project contractor checklist, educational videos, current incentives and loans, and more, are available on