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NPPD installs EV charging stations at three locations

October 23, 2019

Units available at Norfolk, Ogallala, and Kearney operation centers

Columbus, Neb. – Nebraska residents and travelers will notice electric vehicle (EV) stations emerging across Nebraska Public Power District’s service territory.

Charging units have now been installed at NPPD’s Norfolk Operations Center and the Ogallala Operations Center, and are now fully operational. A third unit is also being installed at the Kearney Operations Center and is expected to be operational by early November. NPPD installed a charging station at its Columbus General Offices in 2018.

"Electrification in transportation is moving fast, and so is NPPD," York Director of Operations Support  Matt Gilliland said. "From 2019 to 2021, NPPD will increase ownership from one EV and one charging station to four EVs and eight stations."

Charging stations already under development were partially funded by grants from the Nebraska Environmental Trust and Nebraska Community Energy Alliance. "Additional grant requests are being submitted for 2020 that include three more stations and two additional Sport Utility EVs," said Gilliland. "These three chargers will be similarly placed in areas that experience relatively high public traffic, have emerging EV ownership and are routine destinations of NPPD's existing EV assets."

The charger at all NPPD locations is a Charge Point unit (Level 2) and the station can be activated by smart phone or a Charge Point card.  Data and fees are collected by Charge Point and data is provided to NPPD.  The charge is set at $1 for a four-hour session, $1 per additional hour.

Also, NPPD has also teamed up with the Nebraska Environmental Trust and the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance in offering several incentives based on electric vehicles.  The largest available incentive is for the purchase of an EV and a ChargePoint home charging station in the amount of $4,500, with $4,000 going towards the purchase of a vehicle.  Another $500 would be available for the charging station installation at a single or multi-family residential location with internet wireless connectivity.

Two other incentives are also available. One is for a ChargePoint home charging station installation of $500 and  a $100 incentive is available for the pre-wiring for the installation of a residential EV charging station in the future.

Details of all three incentive programs can be found at

Location addresses of NPPD facilities with EV charging stations:

  • Norfolk Operations Center: 1200 South Chestnut Street
  • Ogallala Operations Center: 300 South Clarice Road
  • Kearney Operations Center: 900 4th Avenue
  • Columbus General Office: 1414 15th Street