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NPPD energizes Muddy Creek to Ord transmission line

April 2, 2018

Columbus, Neb. - Nebraska Public Power District’s (NPPD) Muddy Creek to Ord 115,000 volt transmission line project was energized March 22. The estimated 40-mile-long line runs from a new substation, called Muddy Creek and located near an existing transmission line east of Broken Bow, to an existing substation near Ord. This transmission line project will address voltage and loading issues in the immediate area and meet the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s Reliability Standards.

The construction crew will spend the next several weeks removing material and equipment from the material yards and restoring the property. Bird flight diverters were recently installed on the line via a helicopter.

“I’m really proud of this project,” stated Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Tom Kent. “Normally, for a project this size, we hire out the work because we simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it. Our own crews constructed the Muddy Creek to Ord transmission line which highlights the synergies between our transmission and distribution crews. The crews were able to share their knowledge and it was a great experience for everyone involved.”

Special composite matting was used successfully to build the transmission line. The matting allowed NPPD to move large, heavy machinery over ground, particularly during wet conditions, preventing rutting or damage to local flora and fauna.

Thanks to the matting used and the efforts of the construction crew, there were minimal property damages with this project. “It’s a reflection of the care and quality of work the construction crew took to minimize damages as they worked with property owners,” stated Kent. “NPPD would like to thank all the landowners along the route for their cooperation during the construction process.”