Gerald Gentleman Station


Gerald Gentleman Station (GGS) is Nebraska’s largest generating plant. Located near Sutherland, Nebraska, the plant consists of two coal-fired generating units, which together have the capability to generate 1,365 megawatts of power. While NPPD can place the awards in a showcase, NPPD’s customers are the real winners. In addition to generation records, plant employees also continue to set safety records. In recent years, Gerald Gentleman Station has been recognized by Platts Powermagazine as the lowest cost coal-fired producer in America.

Coal from Wyoming’s Powder River Basin provides fuel for the plant. NPPD built a second rail spur to the plant in 1994 so coal can be shipped directly from Union Pacific or Burlington Northern railroad lines. The new spur increases competition in the freight market resulting in lower costs for coal delivery to GGS, which at full capacity, burns as much as 800 tons of coal per hour.

GGS meets all federal and state air pollution and water quality regulations. The station burns low-sulfur coal, which greatly reduces the discharge of sulfur dioxide gases in to the air. GGS also helps protect the environment through its reverse gas (sonic horn assisted) cleaning baghouses, which remove particulates from flue gas emissions. Additional on-site pollution control measures include a sewage treatment plant and a waste-water evaporation pond. The plant has also used environmentally-focused coal storage and handling operations, like covering inactive coal piles with grasses to reduce the blowing of coal dust. The clean and safe environment maintained by GGS contributes to an increase in the natural habitation and recreational value of nearby Sutherland Reservoir.