Building or Remodeling

You have many energy-efficient options to consider when designing, building, or remodeling your house.


Recent improvements in building elements and construction techniques allow most modern energy saving ideas to be seamlessly integrated into house designs while improving comfort, health, and aesthetics. Even though some energy-efficient features are expensive, there are others that many home owners can afford. While design costs, options, and styles vary, most energy-efficient homes have some basic elements in common:

  • well-constructed and tightly sealed thermal envelope
  • controlled ventilation
  • properly sized, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems
  • energy-efficient doors, windows, and appliances.

New Construction

For new homes, there is no single best design or technique for achieving optimal energy efficiency. Builders now have a vast array of materials, components, appliances and techniques. Quality work and good materials have always been hallmarks of a well-built home but an understanding of how a house operates as a system is essential in building an energy-efficient home. 

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Which Building Components Should I Use?

Knowing how to properly integrate all of the building components and understanding that they all interact is necessary to produce a high performance home.

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