Solar Trade Ally Network

Investing in solar is a big decision as the investment is significant for a long-term project. NPPD is here to assist customers and vendors who are helping them when installing solar.

Are you a solar vendor interested in participating in NPPD's Solar Trade Ally Network? Participants must view NPPD's Solar Trade Ally Network training video and review the Guidelines and Acknowledgement Agreement. By submitting the agreement, participants verify they have been educated about NPPD rates, the inspection process, and will follow the guidelines outlined.

Steps to Become a Solar Trade Ally

  1. View the training video below in its entirety.
  1. Review and submit NPPD's Guidelines and Acknowledgement Agreement
  2. Download NPPD's required Customer-Owned Solar Checklist
  3. Download NPPD's Customer and Vendor FAQ Sheet

If you have any questions, contact NPPD at 877-ASK-NPPD or

Inclusion as a Solar Trade Ally Network participant does not constitute any endorsement by NPPD.