Tree Planting – Right Tree, Right Place

Overhead power lines are usually easy to see and probably most often taken granted. Planting tall-growing trees under and near these lines eventually requires your utility to prune or remove them to maintain safe clearance from the wires. Pruning may result in the tree having an unnatural appearance. Periodic pruning can also lead to a shortened life span for the tree. Trees that must be pruned away from power lines are under greater stress and are more susceptible to insects and disease. Small, immature trees planted in the wrong place today grow and become problem trees in the future.

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Proper selection and placement of trees in and around overhead power lines can eliminate potential public safety hazards, reduce expenses for utilities and their rate payers, and improve the appearance of landscapes.

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Planting Near Padmount Transformers
A padmount transformer is a device that moves electricity from one circuit to another. It steps down the power (changes the voltage) so that it may be used in our homes and businesses. Because electricity flows through transformers, it is important to keep transformers clear of vegetation.

Tips for safe planting

  • Keep in mind that the transformer must be accessible for service at all times.
  • Select plants that are easily maintained and suitable for the site.
  • Allow plants sufficient growing room.
  • Do not plant in front of the transformer (the side with the padlock).
  • Do not allow plants to grow over the transformer.
  • Do not change grade levels around padmount transformers.


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