General Policies

Safety – Property owners should never attempt to trim or remove tree limbs near power lines. If you are concerned about a tree that may be too close to a power line, contact NPPD at 1-877-275-6773, or your local electric utility.

Work Planning / Notification – Property owners will be notified in advance of work to be performed. In the event of storms or other emergencies, advance notice may not occur.

Tree Removal – NPPD’s vegetation management program emphasizes tree removal to promote long-term vegetation control and minimize the cost of future maintenance.

Vegetation Clearing – NPPD uses manual and mechanized clearing of tree as well as utilization of herbicides for managing low-growth vegetation.

Herbicide Application – NPPD uses herbicides registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the appropriate state regulatory agency. Herbicides are applied by trained and certified applicators.

Debris Cleanup – NPPD will work with landowners to make arrangements for the disposal of brush and wood. Stumps will be cut as close to the ground as practical and treated with an approved herbicide, but will not be removed.