Conserving Energy with Trees

We often think of planting trees simply as a way to add beauty to our new or existing home. The fact is, a properly planned landscape that includes carefully selected trees and shrubs can modify the climate around your home, resulting in greater comfort and significant savings in heating and cooling costs over time.

Reducing lawn areas can also save energy. By planting ground covers or under-story shrubs, less mowing is required.

Tips When Planting Shade Trees:

  • Consider the seasonal sun angles when planting for shade. Homes with large south and west exposures need shade in mid to late afternoon sun.
  • Plant medium to large deciduous trees on the east, south and west sides for shade and to block hot summer winds. In the winter, when they lose their leaves, it allows the sun to warm your home.
  • Plant shrubs and small trees to shade your air conditioning unit. Don’t plant too close to the unit blocking its air flow.


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Tips for Planting Windbreaks:

  • Plant evergreen varieties on the north and west sides as a winter windbreak.
  • Where space is limited, a single row of evergreens is adequate. However, up to five rows of several evergreen species is more effective.

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