2013 Summer Power Generation Project for North Central Nebraska (Zone 5)


Why is this project necessary?

Prolonged heat, drought and record-breaking use of electricity during the summer of 2012 strained the electric system in north central Nebraska. To ensure the reliable delivery of energy in 2013, NPPD has taken several steps, including renting 40 megawatts of mobile generation resources.

With the addition of 2.6 megawatts of NPPD’s own mobile generation, area citizens will have a total of 42.6 megawatts of power — above the system’s normal ability to meet customer needs — for their use in the summer of 2013, should 2012 weather conditions and demand for electric energy repeat themselves.

Locations of installed mobile generators and transformers:

NPPD’s 2013 Power Generation Project places 42.6 megawatts of temporary, mobile, power generation and transformer resources into six substations in north central Nebraska.

  • Ainsworth
  • Atkinson
  • Loup City (town)
  • Loup City (115 kilovolt)
  • North Loup
  • Spalding


  • NPPD’s 2013 Summer Power Generation Project will assist in meeting north central Nebraska’s energy needs.
  • Project was undertaken in response to conditions encountered during 2012’s heat and drought.
  • Permanent solutions — to be completed by 2016 — are being worked on to address the challenges the electric system faced in 2012:
    • Re-wired existing transmission line between Norfolk and Battle Creek in late 2012/early 2013,
    • Building new transmission line to span between Hoskins and Neligh, and
    • Upgrading area substation facilities/equipment at various locations.
  • To ensure the reliable delivery of energy in 2013, NPPD is renting generators, transformers and associated cabling.
  • NPPD will place approximately 42.6 megawatts of generation resources (including 2.6 megawatts of NPPD’s own mobile generation equipment) into six locations in north central Neb.
  • Fuel is to be purchased from local/area vendors.
  • Generators to be operated by NPPD personnel.
  • Generation to be available, if needed, June through September.

Contact Information:

For more information, call Mark Miller at (402) 270-0215 or 1 (877) 275-6773.