Tips on Engaging Booth Visitors — Please Read

As Nebraska’s utilities, we have an opportunity to share a lot of positive things about what we do for our customers. But, in today’s political environment, there are members of the public who do not like what we are doing. Some may be upset about building transmission lines and disrupting their land; some may even get us confused with TransCanda or wind developers who are in the state wanting to negotiate land leases or, in their view impacting the Ogallala Aquifer; others may be angry about EMF or feel we are impacting the environment and their health by using coal.

No one can think clearly when their fists are clenched, so remember to keep calm and just listen. Use phases like, “I’m sorry you feel that way …” “Your conviction is apparent …”, or “It is easy to see how much you care about this ….” Then, bridge to something like, “Would you want to give me your name and I will see if I can have someone more directly involved in that issue to contact you so that you can share your thoughts with them. That topic would be better addressed by ….(e.g. NPPD, LES, one of our executives, someone on the team responsible for that project, etc.). A note book will be available in the storage cabinet for you to take down their name and number. Business cards may also be available from various utility representatives, if you want to hand them out. The main thing is to remain calm yourself and just show you care. Remember, they are the public in public power.