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We have partnered with Apogee to bring you some excellent tools and resources to help you save money on your electric bill.

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Online Home Energy Assessment

Tell us a little about your home including its size, insulation, heating/cooling systems and the tool will provide you with some tips that could save you money.

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Walk-Through Energy Assessment

  • An Energy Efficiency Consultant learns how the building operates and performs.
  • A review of energy bills is performed to understand rates and peak energy periods.
  • A walk-through of the facility is conducted to evaluate the building envelope (HVAC, motors, lighting, processes, etc.)
  • After identifying problem area, options are evaluated to determine what is in the customer's best interest.
  • Following a review of the results, discussions will take place concerning available options.

Contact an Energy Efficient Consultant at 1-877-ASK-NPPD (275-6773)

Lighting savings calculator


How much is it really costing you to use your appliances? How much could you save by replacing light bulbs? Answer these questions and more by trying out these calculators.

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Contact an Energy Efficient Consultant

We can assist you with identifying what energy-efficient approach can meet your needs.
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