Retail / Wholesale Facts


A wholesale customer buys electricity from NPPD in extremely large quantities – hundreds, if not thousands, of megawatt-hours* at a time.

NPPD’s revenues in 2012 were $1 billion, and approximately 73 percent of that revenue was paid by other utilities in Nebraska who bought power for their customers.

NPPD sells electricity to 52 municipalities and 25 public power districts or cooperatives that re-sell the power to nearly 300,000 Nebraskans. Click here to see a complete listing.

This is what a wholesale customer’s bill looks like.

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NPPD’s retail customers are divided into classes: residential, small and large commercial businesses, industrial customers, irrigators, and customers that purchase power from NPPD for commercial space heating or lighting. NPPD serves approximately 68,500 residential customers and approximately 20,000 commercial, industrial and irrigation customers. Click here to see a complete listing. This is what a retail customer’s bill looks like, and a description of each customer class is as follows:

Residential customers – buy electricity from NPPD for their home. The average residential customer uses approximately 1,000 kilowatt-hours**of electricity per month.

  • *1 megawatt-hour = 10,000, 100-watt incandescent light bulbs on for 1 hour
  • **1 kilowatt-hour = 10, 100-watt incandescent light bulbs on for 1 hour


Commercial Businesses – NPPD’s retail business customers may be as small as a coffee shop or as large as a grocery store.

Industrial – Businesses that manufacture products such as ethanol, electrical components, etc., will use more electricity and often operate around the clock.

Irrigation – Farmers pay a different electric rate for operating electric irrigation equipment.

Commercial Space Heating, Municipal Pumping, and Lighting (e.g. area, directional or street) also have separate rates.

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