Department of Defense Innovative Readiness Training Program Announcement

Notice to contractors, labor unions, and private individuals.

The Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) intends to solicit assistance from the Department of Defense’s Innovative Readiness Training Program. The assistance will include training, exercise execution, and collaboration with the Nebraska National Guard to support State of Nebraska and NPPD’s cybersecurity needs and response readiness. The proposed assistance will occur at Lincoln, NE and Columbus, NE in 2022 at various locations. Contractors, labor unions, or private individuals who have questions or who wish to voice opposition to military assistance for this project may contact Timothy S. Pospisil at (402) 563-5552 / Nebraska Public Power District, Director of Corporate Security & Chief Security Officer, 1414 15th Street, Columbus, NE 68602 not exceeding 30days after publication of this notice. Individuals not filing comments within the time frame noted will be considered to have waived their objections to military assistance for this project.