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Integrated Resource Planning

An Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is a "roadmap" that identifies potential plans for NPPD to meet future energy and demand requirements while considering the associated risks and benefits to our customers. It identifies directionally correct resource plans to meet NPPD projected demand over time to ensure reliable, resilient, affordable, and sustainable service to our customers under a range of conditions at the time the IRP was prepared. IRPs are prepared every five years and are subject to change as market conditions, technologies, and state and federal regulations evolve over time.

Stakeholder Engagement

Feedback is a vital part of this process. The public is invited to attend one of the many in-person or virtual meetings across the state. During these events, NPPD teammates will share a draft Integrated Resource Plan, specifics on our potential path forward, and the process this entails. You are also invited to view the draft plan located in the Additional IRP Resources (to the right). After attending a session or viewing the draft plan, please submit your comments using the Stakeholder Input Form by April 12, 2023.

Learn About Our IRP & Share Feedback

Watch a Recording

A recording of the virtual meeting is available.

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Review Draft IRP & Provide Feedback

At your convenience, review the 2023 Draft Integrated Resource Plan and submit your comments using the Stakeholder Input Form by April 12, 2023.

To submit additional IRP comments, email:

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