Carbon Capture

Determining the potential for a carbon capture operation at NPPD's Gerald Gentleman Station is moving forward with the announcement of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory's funding for the study.

Under this new funding, ION Clean Energy, Inc. will be the award recipient on the project which will complete a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study for the installation of its advanced carbon capture system retrofitted to NPPD’s Gentleman Station near Sutherland. The FEED study will build on the results of Phase I, increasing the capture size from 300 megawatts CO2 capture island up to 600 megawatts. ION will utilize its leading solvent-based CO2 capture technology, ICE-21, as the basis for the CO2 capture design. 

DOE selected nine projects to receive $55.4 million in federal funding for cost shared research and development. The award for Phase II for the GGS study is approximately $5.8 million.   

The project team for the Phase II study are ION, NPPD, Sargent & Lundy, Koch Modular Process Systems, and Siemens.  The project will provide critical data and insight into the integration of CO2 capture technologies onto existing coal fired power plants.