Carbon Capture

NPPD is participating in a unique study involving a potential new CO2 capture process, which will be the first demonstration project testing ION’s unique solvent outside of a laboratory setting.

The project is taking place at the National Carbon Capture Center (NC3) near Willsonville, Alabama, and monitored and controlled by ION Engineering. The research involves installing carbon dioxide capture equipment to an approximate 1 megawatt equivalent partial stream of exhaust gas from an existing coal fired power plant co-located with the NC3 for carbon dioxide capture and then return it to the unit’s exhaust.

NPPD is also a member of Partnership for CO2 Capture (PCO2C) administered by the Energy and Environmental Research Center, located in Grand Forks, N.D. This project garnered the attention of the U.S. Department of Energy which is funding $15 million of the total $19 million cost.

NPPD is pleased to be a participant in this project and hope to learn if the potential exists to capture carbon and advance its use in the power industry.