NPPD Implementing Changes to Credit and Debit Card Payments

As a non-profit power provider, NPPD is continually striving to keep its expenses and costs to our valued customers as low as possible. We take this responsibility just as seriously as our mission to safely generate and deliver reliable, low cost, sustainable energy and provide outstanding customer service.

In late 2010, NPPD was required to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, from which additional fees and bank card security oversight have resulted.  To meet compliance, NPPD utilizes a third party Bill Pay Service to provide you the ability to use credit or debit card for payment and security protection of your card information.  The service provider charges NPPD processing fees and transactions costs associated with handling credit/debit cards.  Unfortunately, the expense can no longer be absorbed by NPPD Retail and its customers.  Effective August, 2012, should a customer choose to pay by credit/debit card, the customer will be required to pay the Bill Pay Service provider the convenience fee for use of their service.  The fees will not be assessed or collected by NPPD.  Only customers who choose to use this service will be charged the fee.  Those customers who continue to pay with NPPD’s preferred method of payment, cash or check, will not be assessed a fee.

Due to this compliance, NPPD’s Recurring Credit/Debit Card Payment option will no longer be offered.  With each transaction, a customer choosing to pay with a credit or debit card must be given the option to accept the convenience fee and finish the transaction, or decline the fee and pay with a different payment method.  Therefore, the recurring credit/debit card option will be eliminated as a payment option.

NPPD will still offer its recurring bank draft option, which is and will remain free of charge. This option ensures your bill is paid one day prior to its due date. With completion of enrollment in the online bill payment system, bank draft options for recurring or one-time payment allow more flexibility in payment of the utility bill.

Please visit to view all payment options in full.