Speakers Circuit

Are you in need of a FREE speaker?
Does your organization have a need for a presentation? NPPD can help. Our Speakers Circuit features energy experts on a variety of energy-related topics, at no charge to you. We will also address and answer important energy questions. NPPD’s Speakers Circuit features a variety of topics ranging from, but not limited to, energy 101, electrical safety and real life experiences to discussions on Nebraska’s energy future.

Short on time? Take a Power Lunch!
Does your business offer employees a lunch break? Have you considered an NPPD Power Lunch at work?

NPPD will bring an important energy message to your employees, at your facility. We’ll provide materials, displays and experts all at no cost to your business. Your employees will learn about the power behind their outlets in a way that’s convenient for you and them.

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Even More!
Along with our Speakers Circuit, NPPD also has experts in Economic Development who are available to speak to interested parties about various existing economic development programs.

And, if you need a speaker for the classroom, NPPD’s fantastic Energy Education team could be right for you.