Muddy Creek to Ord

Project Status:

Construction of the Muddy Creek-Ord 115kV transmission line is completed.  The 115kV line was energized on March 22, 2018.  The construction crew will spend the next several weeks removing material and equipment from the material yards and restoring the property.  Bird flight diverters are expected to be installed on March 26 & 27 via a helicopter, pending weather.

Contracted Right-of-Way Agent Todd Muehlich is in the process of contacting landowners along the line route to settle any damages that may have occurred to their property as a result of the construction.  If you have any questions, please contact Todd at 402-612-5882.

NPPD would like to thank all the landowners along the route for their cooperation during the construction process.  Thank you to everyone who attended our public open houses during the public involvement process.

Project Overview:

NPPD has constructed a 115,000-volt electric transmission line from a new substation, called Muddy Creek and located near an existing transmission line east of Broken Bow, to an existing substation near Ord. The line is estimated to be 40 miles in length. This transmission line project will address voltage and loading issues in the immediate area and meet the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s Reliability Standards.

Public Involvement Process:

NPPD used a comprehensive public involvement process during the siting of this transmission line. Three rounds of public open house meetings were held, followed by a public hearing in August 2015. Public input was encouraged throughout the entire process.

During this project, NPPD met with area landowners; local, county and state government officials; and representatives of the appropriate regulatory agencies within the respective project area and communities.


Questions? Contact Us!

Project Hotline: 1-888-677-3412 (toll-free)