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Prescriptive Irrigation

Prescriptive Irrigation

As an EnergyWise℠ partner, your local electric utility wants to help producers make the most of the energy needed for irrigating with all-electric systems. Participating utilities will provide a $500 incentive when producers replace all of a system’s existing outlet components such as sprinkler heads, sprayers, rotators, plates, pads and nozzles, and regulators on qualified systems.


  • To qualify, the system must be a minimum of four (4) sections in length with water supplied by an all-electric pumping system.
  • The majority of the system’s existing nozzles, sprayers or sprinkler heads must be at least five (5) years old. For verification, a copy of the pivot’s most-recent sprinkler/nozzle report (usually kept inside the pivot control panel) must be provided with a completed application and qualifying proof-of-purchase documentation.
  • Qualifying systems are only eligible for the EnergyWise℠ Prescriptive Irrigation Program once every five (5) years.
  • All applicable components identified on the sprinkler/nozzle report or chart (including sprinkler heads, sprayers, distribution plates, pads, rotators, nozzles, and regulators, if identified on the report/chart) must be replaced with new, permanently installed operational components before submitting application.
  • Qualifying proof-of-purchase documentation includes sales receipt(s), invoice(s), and professional irrigation equipment dealer/consultant statement (must itemize the new
  • components indicating the quantity, make, model and purchase date).
  • Requests for deviation from the components identified on the sprinkler/nozzle report require an explanation on the application signed by a professional irrigation equipment dealer/consultant and are subject to approval by the local participating utility.


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