• $200 incentive for in home pre-wiring for the future installation of an electric vehicle charging station.
  • Charging station may be purchased at:


  • Visit with your electrical utility to discuss your EV and charging needs and pick up an application form.
  • Incentive is limited so check with your local public power utility for availability.
  • A reservation request is required prior to purchase and/or installation.
  • Reservations have a limited time to purchase and/or install, which if not met will expire.
  • Once approved, there will be a time period to provide proof of purchase or installation.
  • Submit payment request after purchase and installation.
  • Pre-wiring installation location must be a single or multi-family residential location to qualify.
  • Incentive is limited so check with your local public power utility for availability.


  • Available to residential customers of Nebraska Public Power District and its wholesale utility customers.  
  • Customer must complete and submit an Application.
  • Approval by the electric utility is required to reserve an incentive.
  • Pre-Wiring incentive applies to single or multi-family residential home pre-wiring with NM cable for minimum ampacity of 32 Amps continuous load per NEC (National Electrical Code) and/or the running of appropriate size conduit per NEC, from the load center to a future NEMA 6-50 receptacle.  
  • Pre-wiring incentive is only available to customers who will install a home charging station.
  • Once the Application is approved, there is a set time period to provide the proof of purchase or installation.  If this time period is not met, the application will expire.
    a) Time Period for Reservation to Expire:
              i) Pre-Wiring Installation – 90 Days
    b) If Reservation expires, customer may complete and submit another Application if so desired.
  • To obtain the incentive, all steps on the Application must be completed and submitted to utility along with the electrician verification of the pre-wiring installation.
  • Program is subject to the Terms and Conditions as outlined on the application.

Program made possible by a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) and a partnership with the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance (NCEA).

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