Industrial Process

Industrial Process

In an industrial plant, energy efficiency improvement projects often are unique and do not fit a prescriptive program. Each manufacturing plant has certain characteristics that can require an individual approach to projects.

All projects must be preapproved before any equipment is ordered. In addition, the customer is required to document potential project energy savings by providing a detailed study. Incentives are paid based on annual savings versus baseline usage and payback criteria. After a project is preapproved, an estimated incentive is calculated and equipment can be ordered and installed. After installation, an incentive payment application is submitted for payment along with verification and documentation of the original project assumptions.

Examples of possible industrial energy efficiency projects include:
  • Variable frequency drives for injection molding
  • Compressed air efficiency improvements
  • More efficient curing
  • Refrigeration improvements
  • Improved process chiller operation
  • Welding process improvements

Also included are projects that improve production without increasing energy consumption.

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  1. Available to industrial and large commercial customers of Nebraska Public Power District and its wholesale utilities’ customers.
  2. Incentives are not available for Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that qualify for other incentive programs.
  3. Customer must provide a complete description of existing process and the proposed changes along with an explanation of how energy savings will be achieved. In addition, customer must provide an initial detailed calculation of estimated energy savings. This calculation may be performed by either a consulting engineer, a competent vendor, or the customer’s internal support staff.
  4. Preappoval application must be completed and preapproved to receive an incentive.
  5. All incentives require approval by the electric utility before purchase or installation.
  6. To obtain incentive, an Incentive Payment Application must be completed and proof of purchase that itemizes the new equipment indicating the type, make, model, size, and purchase date must be provided. In no case will the incentive be more than 50% of the invoiced project cost. Projects with a two year or less simple payback are ineligible.
  7. Program is subject to the Terms and Conditions as outlined on the application and the EnergyWise℠ General Guidelines for all Programs.
  8. ‍Changes must be implemented and submitted for payment within one year of the preapproval.

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