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EV Promotional Events

EV Promotional Events
  • 100% reimbursement of event expenses (up to $2,000) associated with an electric vehicle event


  • Primary focus of the event is the promotion of electric vehicles (i.e. ride and drive events, dealership promotion of new electric vehicle models, home shows, etc.)
    -- Event may also include other local vendors showcasing electric/battery technologies; such as but not limited to ATVs, UTVs, yard care, mowing equipment, etc.


  • Customers of NPPD’s wholesale utility customers, dealerships, and other community-based entities who would like an event held must contact their local utility, who will work with NPPD to organize the event. Wholesale utility customers can also plan their own events with NPPD’s assistance.
  • Prior to event, wholesale utility customers should contact Kelly Beiermann to discuss:
    -- Advertisement of event*
    -- Marketing material needs*
    -- Merchandise needs**
  • Preferred events and marketing spending reach the largest audience possible
  • Program will reimburse the costs the utility incurs for:
    -- Advertisement of event
    -- Marketing materials
    -- Merchandise
    -- Event location rental fees
    -- Food and Drink***
  • The Outreach and Marketing Working group will review on a case-by-case basis those occasions when a utility desires to deviate from the guidelines
  • Review of spending will be performed on a periodic basis by the Outreach and Marketing Working group
  • Costs for reimbursement will be reviewed with Kelly Beiermann and eligible reimbursement entries will be made into EVTS.

* Must include the GoEV logo
** Must contain the EnergyWise℠ logo
*** Alcohol will not be reimbursed

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