EV Charging Station

EV Charging Station

A $200 EnergyWise℠ incentive for the installation of a residential vehicle charging station is available from Nebraska Public Power District and your local public power utility. This incentive is for customers living in the service area of NPPD or its wholesale customers who purchase an electric vehicle and choose to install a ChargePoint 32 amp WI-FI enabled station. Other charging stations may be incented but must pass pre-approval criteria. To qualify for the incentive program, the installation location of the charging station must have internet wireless connectivity.

Nebraska Public Power District, in partnership with its wholesale utility customers, has a need to understand the future impact of electric vehicle charging on the electric distribution system. Electrification of the transportation sector is expected to grow and have a substantial impact on the electricity delivery system. By collecting data on individual charging stations, the utilities can better implement strategies to maintain and improve utility infrastructure. In order to collect this information, the utility is offering an incentive to eligible customers with qualifying equipment.


To receive an incentive, you must:

  1. Purchase and install a ChargePoint 240V 32A WIFI connected charging station at your home.
  2. Activate the charging station with the ChargePoint app.
  3. Download and fill out the EnergyWise Electric Vehicle Charging Station Incentive Program application.
  4. Submit your completed application and proof of purchase to your local electric utility who will verify that the installation meets the program criteria before issuing any incentive.
  5. By signing the application, you agree to release your charging station energy usage data to the utility.


  • ‍ChargePoint is the only manufacturer that has agreed to collect and release usage data to NPPD. A different brand would require the manufacturer to collect and release energy data to the utility under like terms of the ChargePoint agreement. No other manufacturer has offered to do that although NPPD is open to offers.
  • The 240V 32A charging station is a Level 2 station that provides quicker vehicle charging than the Level 1 equipment that comes with the vehicle. As the range of electric vehicles increases, quicker charging provides greater customer convenience.
  • Your data will be used to understand the impact of charging electric vehicles on the local electric system. This information helps maintain and improve the future reliability of your utility’s electric distribution system. It also provides the utility with information that may lead to special rates and benefits to owners of electric vehicles.
  • ‍This program has no control features.
  • ‍The impact of electric vehicle charging on your bill varies with the amount of charging and driving you do. With the energy information that is collected with this program, your local utility will be able to provide you with your cost to charge a vehicle.
  • ‍The charging station itself can be ordered with a plug in cord that plugs in just like an electric dryer or range. You may need to extend a 240V 40A electric circuit to your garage if one does not exist. This wiring would be subject to any local electric codes and permits

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