Custom Ag

Custom Ag

In Nebraska, the agricultural sector spends more than $250 million annually for electricity. While your local electric utility offers various EnergyWise℠ incentive programs to help offset the costs of energy efficiency improvements, some projects are unique and do not fit a particular prescriptive program. For these energy-saving opportunities, the Custom Agriculture Incentive Program was developed.


Potential projects include, but not limited to:


  • Pump replacement or refurbishment
  • Upgrading to pivot or subsurface drip systems
  • Computer-based water management systems


  • Aeration optimization hardware and software
  • Aeration fan upgrades


  • Upgrade confinement ventilation
  • Upgrade supplemental electric heating systems
  • Dairy heat reclaimers
  • Upgrade electrically heated livestock watering systems


  • Upgrade HVAC and/or ventilation systems
  • Insulate electrically space-conditioned structures

Incentives up to $0.01 per kWh saved on an annual basis for the rated life of the project may be available. If you don’t see your project listed above, contact your local utility to see if you might still qualify. Additional program terms and conditions apply.


  1. Available to agricultural producers and other agriculture-based customers of Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) and its wholesale utilities’ customers.
  2. Incentives are not available for Energy Efficiency improvements that qualify for other EnergyWise℠ incentive programs.
  3. All equipment associated with Energy Efficiency improvements must be new, installed and operational at the customer's existing premise before an incentive can be issued.
  4. Customer must provide a complete description of existing process and the proposed changes along with an explanation of how energy savings will be achieved. In addition, customer must provide an initial detailed calculation of estimated energy savings including the annual hours of use, electric consumption (kWh) and electric demand (kW) prior to and after Energy Efficiency improvements are implemented.
  5. To qualify for an incentive, applications must be completed, submitted to the customer’s local electric utility and preapproved by a NPPD consultant utility before purchase or installation of Energy Efficiency improvements. The application will be returned to the customer after pre-approval is issued.
  6. To obtain an incentive after installation of Energy Efficiency improvements, the completed and signed application must be returned to the customer’s local electric utility along with proof of purchase that itemizes the new equipment indicating the type, make, model, size, and purchase date. In no case will the incentive exceed 50% of the invoiced Energy Efficiency improvement costs. Project costs less incentives will not reduce the simple payback from energy savings below a two-year period. Incentive values may be adjusted to meet cost and simple payback requirements.
  7. Program is subject to the Terms and Conditions as outlined on the application and the EnergyWise℠ General Guidelines for all Programs.
  8. Changes must be implemented and submitted for payment prior to the expiration date issued with preapproval.

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