Corner Pivot (VFD)

Corner Pivot (VFD)

VFDs (also referred to as variable speed drives) can reduce output by controlling the motor speed (rpm) rather than having the motor work at a constant, almost full load only to have water flow throttled by the pivot itself. A VFD can reduce the amount of electricity (kilowatt-hours) you use in a season up to 30%. Every system is different so savings will vary.

While incorporating a VFD into your corner system will not likely reduce your connection, a demand or horsepower utility charges, it will save energy.

Additional benefits include:

  • Control of startup and shutdown procedures
  • Reduces motor burn outs
  • Prevents shaft breaks
  • Reduces wear on pumps, motors and regulators
  • Keeps pumps working at best efficiency
  • Reduces voltage drop on power lines at start up
  • Eliminates need for pump flow control valves in many instances
  • Controls pump to deliver accurate flows or constant pressures
  • Minimizes water hammer in pipelines due to controlled acceleration/deceleration



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