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Cooling System Tune Up

Cooling System Tune Up

A $30 EnergyWise℠ incentive is available to homeowners that have their cooling system tuned up, regardless of what type or age of cooling system it is (air conditioner, air or water source heat pump). 

The application includes a checklist of key components your contractor should inspect as well as items for discussion, such as; filter replacement schedule, proper temperature set-back practices and an understanding of the general condition of the system.


  • Incentives are available to customers who have their cooling system inspected and tuned up by an HVAC contractor.
  • Qualifying systems include residential central - air conditioners, air source and water source heat pumps that are served by Nebraska Public Power District or its Wholesale Utility Partners.


The following guidelines will generally apply. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

  1. Qualifying systems include - any residential central cooling system that has been installed for at least one year, such as:
    -- Air conditioner
    -- Air source heat pump (electric or fossil fuel back-up)
    -- Water source heat pump
  2. The incentive payment is $30.
  3. The incentive payment to the homeowner will come directly from their local electric utility. For renter/landlord situations, the party responsible for the cost of the tune up will receive the incentive.
  4. ‍All HVAC equipment must be permanently installed in a residential single-family dwelling. A mobile home must be on a permanent foundation.
  5. ‍For duplexes and condominiums that are separately metered, they will be considered residential, thus requiring two separate applications. If they are master metered, they are considered multifamily and not eligible. Apartments that are master metered, are considered multi-family.
  6. ‍In those cases where two or more air conditioners or heat pumps are installed in the same house, both or all are eligible for the full incentive amount. Each requires its own application.
  7. ‍Window air conditioners, Package Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC), and Package Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHP’s) are not eligible. Only a ducted - split system is eligible.
  8. Program is subject to the Terms and Conditions as outlined on the application and the General Guidelines.

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