Commercial Conduit

Commercial Conduit
  • 100% reimbursement incentive (maximum of $1000) for new commercial construction for the installation of conduit to be used for the future installation of an electric vehicle public charging station.


  • Visit with your electrical utility to discuss your conduit and charging needs and pick up an application form.
  • Submit payment request after purchase and installation.
  • Commercial conduit installation location must be new construction, commercial/workplace location to qualify.


  • Available to commercial customers of Nebraska Public Power District and its wholesale utility customers.  
  • Customer must complete and submit an application.
  • This incentive is for the installation of conduit for use with conductor for minimum ampacity of the following charger loads per NEC (National Electrical Code) and/or the running of appropriate size conduit per NEC, from the load center to a future EV public charging station.
    Load Requirements: Exact requirements may vary.
    -- Level 2: single phase, 240 volts, 32 amps per port.
    -- Level 3 (DCFC): 480V AC, 3-phase, 80A, 60 Hz.
  • To obtain the incentive, all steps on the Application must be completed and submitted to utility along with the cost details and verification of the installation.
  • Program is subject to the Terms and Conditions as outlined on the application.

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