Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

Customers participating in the residential EnergyWise℠ attic insulation program are eligible for an incentive of $.15 / square foot with a maximum incentive amount of $300 per existing residential dwelling. New construction and/or additions do not qualify.

Start With Your Attic

On a sunny summer day, with the hot sun blasting directly on the roof, attics can get up to 140°F when the inside of the house is 75°F. That is a 65°F temperature differential. 

Your house acts like a chimney in the winter, where cooler air enters the house in the lower areas and attempts to exit the house in the warmer – higher areas. A house with a poor and leaky envelope will show significant heat loss through the attic and eaves. 

If you have little insulation in the attic (six inches or less on average) and add at least six inches or R-19, take advantage of this EnergyWise℠ Residential Insulation Program. To be eligible, customers must have a heat pump or electric furnace or electric heat (baseboard, radiant, etc.).



The following guidelines will generally apply. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  1. ‍This program is for the installation of attic insulation only. All other insulation installations (i.e. – walls, floors, crawl spaces, foundations, etc.) do not qualify.
  2. ‍Only Residential customers/owners qualify for the attic insulation energy efficiency incentives. Duplexes and multi-family dwellings in which each residence is individually metered are eligible for one incentive per dwelling.
  3. ‍To qualify, dwellings must use electricity as the primary fuel source for heating. Customers that have air source heat pumps with natural gas or propane backup furnaces do qualify. Also, existing attic insulation levels must average six (6) inches or less and six (6) inches or more or an R-19 value of new insulation must be added to the area insulated.
  4. ‍Incentives are calculated at the rate of $0.15 per square foot insulated with a maximum of $300 per dwelling.
  5. ‍New construction or additions to existing dwellings do not qualify.
  6. ‍An incentive will be provided to the person responsible for purchasing the insulation after the insulation is installed. No incentive(s) will be paid without the completion of the application form. The application form must then be signed by the owner and installing contractor (if applicable). The completed application form will then be submitted to the electric utility for processing. Sales receipt(s) or invoice(s) itemizing the new insulation indicating the type, amount, and purchase date must accompany each energy efficiency incentive application. Insulation must be purchased and installed on or after September 1, 2009.
  7. ‍The incentive payment or account credit to the person responsible for purchasing the insulation will come directly from their local electric utility.
  8. ‍NPPD reserves the right to do random spot checks of installations to ensure program compliance.
  9. ‍Participating electric utilities are those that are wholesale customers of Nebraska Public Power District.
  10. ‍NPPD will make final determination of program compliance decisions and reserves the right to cancel the program with 30 days notice.
Key Points
  • Existing dwellings only, no new construction or additions
  • Primary heating system must be electric or a heat pump or electric heat (baseboard, radiant, etc.) 
  • Existing attic insulation levels are assumed to be an average six (6) inches or less
  • Must install six (6) inches or more or an R-19 value of new insulation
  • Area insulated may be less than total attic area
  • Proof-of-purchase must indicate type & quantity of insulation installed
  • Incentives calculated by taking area insulated (Square Feet) times (x) $0.15 per Square Foot = Incentive $$$
  • Incentives limited to $300 per dwelling, although area insulated may be greater than 2,000 Sq. Ft
  • Duplexes and multi-family dwellings qualify if each residence is individually metered
  • Multi-family dwellings that are master-metered do not qualify

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