Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is Paperless Billing?

NPPD’s new Retail customer billing system – launched in June 2014 – offers you a choice of receiving your bill electronically through e-mail and NPPD’s website vs. a paper copy and the U.S. Postal Service.

Why should I choose Paperless Billing?

Paperless Billing is a convenient, easy and environmentally friendly way to receive your bill without the added clutter of paper or time delay in the traditional “snail mail” method. NPPD’s customers have asked for this service for years, and we are happy we are able to provide it. Paperless Billing will reduce the use of paper, envelopes, and postage from the bill delivery process, making it more efficient while keeping up with advancing technology.

Who is eligible for NPPD’s iPad giveaway (for signing up for Paperless Billing)?

All RESIDENTIAL customers who sign up for Paperless Billing by 11:59 p.m. CDT on November 20, 2014, are entered into NPPD’s iPad giveaway promotion. NPPD employees, NPPD employee household members, members of the NPPD Board of Directors, and those under the age of 19 are excluded from the iPad/iPod giveaway. (See rules.)

How will I know if I win NPPD’s iPad giveaway (for signing up for Paperless Billing)?

If you are the lucky prize winner, NPPD will contact you via the primary phone number on your electric account to make arrangements for prize delivery at a local NPPD Customer Service Center. You may be asked to allow a photo of you to appear in NPPD promotional materials/advertising. You may decline this, if you wish.

Is my account SAFE from Internet hackers and thieves if I sign up for Paperless Billing?

The “My Account” choice is secured and safe for use. Please do not share your user name and password (or account number/personal information) with those who do not need to know.

If I encounter difficulty with Paperless Billing, what should I do?

Phone 1(877)ASK-NPPD; 1(877)275-6773. NPPD has knowledgeable, friendly customer service representatives available to assist you around-the-clock, seven-days-a-week.

How will I know if I signed up for Paperless Billing correctly?

Log into “My Account” and on the home screen, you should see the Paperless Billing option listed as (On). This is confirmation that your account is configured for Paperless Billing. If it is listed as (Off), you will need to click on the “Paperless Billing” option on the left-hand side of the screen and enroll.

What if I signed up for paperless billing and a month has gone by, and I have not received my e-mail notification?

If you confirmed your paperless billing option is listed as (On) under the “My Account” option at, check your e-mail spam folder as the notification may have been routed to that folder from your e-mail settings. NPPD encourages all Paperless Billing customers to add to their listing of acceptable e-mail recipients so the appropriate notifications are routed to your Inbox vs. your spam folder. After you have verified the e-mail is not in your spam folder, if you still have not received the notification, please contact us at 1(877)ASK-NPPD or 1(877)275-6773.

Since I will receive my bill electronically, can I pay the bill electronically?

You can pay your NPPD Retail bill online with either a debit/credit card or with your checking/savings account. If you would like to pay with your checking/savings account, log into “My Account” and click on “Make a Payment.” You will be given the option to add a new bank account along with directions to complete the transaction, which will require your bank’s routing number and bank account number. If you would like to pay with a debit/credit card, go to and click on “Pay My Bill” under the “I want to ….” section on the NPPD homepage. An option to “Pay Now with a Credit/Debit Card” is listed with directions to complete the transaction.

Electronic billing: quick, easy, and convenient forms of payment available at your fingertips!

Can I view information on “My Account” from a Smartphone or mobile device?

The homepage has been formatted to be compatible with mobile devices, including smartphones. Information presented to you will be formatted for the screen size available.

If I choose Paperless Billing, is there a way for me to continue receiving “bill stuffer” information currently provided to customers in their paper bills?

NPPD Customer Service will send bill stuffer information to Paperless Billing customers via the e-mail address used for the customer’s Paperless Billing.