Outdoor Safety

Electricity is an efficient and helpful servant. Nebraska Public Power District urges you to play it safe around electricity outdoors:

  • Climb trees only where there are no overhead lines nearby. Contact the power company before cutting trees near overhead lines.
  • If you see a fallen or low-hanging line, stay away. The line can hurt you, even if it’s not sparking. Call 911 to report it to the local power company.
  • Kites, balloons, or model airplanes that touch overhead lines can cause shock or fire. Use them only in safe places like parks, beaches, or open fields, far away from overhead lines.
  • Substations have a lot of electric equipment inside that is dangerous to touch. If an item goes into a substation, call the local power company. Never try to get it yourself.
  • Pad-mounted transformers are metal boxes with electric equipment inside that is dangerous to touch. If you see one that is unlocked, stay away and call the local power company immediately.
  • If you are in a vehicle and it comes in contact with a power pole or power line, stay inside until emergency workers arrive. If you must get out due to fire or another emergency, jump clear without touching the car and the ground at the same time. Land with your feet together, then shuffle away with your feet close together.
  • Know the location of underground lines before you dig. Call Nebraska811¬†at least 48 hours before you dig. There are serious penalties for those who don’t call.


If someone is shocked:

  • For your safety, do not touch the individual if they are still in contact with the power structure. If possible, turn off the power at the control panel, then call 9-1-1 and tell them it is an electrical injury.
  • If the victim is away from the power source and not breathing, apply cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), if you know how. The, cover the victim with a blanket, keep their head low, and get medical attention.
  • If you do not know CPR, ask your local hospital or Red Cross where and when the classes are given.