Nebraska Green Schools Program

Student using a light meter in their classroom

The Nebraska Green Schools Program, a partnership between the Nebraska Department of Education and NPPD, is an environmental service-learning program that inspires students to take personal responsibility for improving the environment at their school, at home, and in their community.

Today’s youth spend most of their waking hours in a school setting. The learning environment can have big impacts on a student’s achievement and future behaviors. The Nebraska Green Schools program helps improve students’ academic performance in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM); develops students’ critical thinking skills; and grows student leaders.

kids recycling program

Students participating in a recycling program

Nebraska Green Schools consists of five, student-led investigations for students in 4-12th grade. Once investigations are complete, students develop action plans and implement a project.

Energy iconEnergy

Investigate how much energy your school uses, the main sources of that energy, and propose ways to implement energy-saving strategies.


Water iconWater

Investigate the source, cost, and quality of your school’s water supply, and implement ways to enhance current water conservation practices.


School Site iconSchool Site

Investigate natural habitats, wildlife, trees, grounds maintenance practices, and ways to make improvements to your school site.


Environmental Quality iconEnvironmental Quality

Investigate the facility and make improvements in indoor air quality, transportation, chemical use, and more.


Waste and Recycling iconWaste and Recycling

Investigate how much waste your school generates and where it goes, as well as identify existing recycling and composting efforts and identify ways to improve.


NPPD supports Nebraska Green Schools by facilitating an online course for students, providing educational resources and classroom programs, and offering teacher professional development.

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