Energy Education

Kids learn about the electrical grid system at the Nebraska State Fair.


Mission: NPPD’s Energy Education Program delivers specific and consistent messages to schools and communities about electricity, safety, energy resources, and how NPPD’s audiences can make informed energy decisions.

Chad Johnson
Education Specialist
(402) 604-1112
905 13th St
PO Box 463
Aurora, NE 68467
Kim Liebig
Careers Outreach Coordinator
(402) 563-5532
1414 15th Street
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Columbus, NE 68601

NPPD makes every effort to help keep the public informed on electricity and related issues. Part of this effort includes providing educational opportunities to schools, youth and service groups, seniors and other community groups.

NPPD Energy Education can provide interactive classroom presentations, teaching units, videos, publications, speaker presentations, teacher workshops and displays about electrical generation, transmission and distribution; energy and power; electrical safety; and environmental and water issues. These items are free to schools that are within NPPD’s service territory.