Positioning Communities

NPPD assists communities in preparing for economic growth by providing facilitation, consultation, education, research, and printed and online materials.


The NPPD Economic Development Team is available to meet with your organization to provide expertise as you evaluate your programs, prepare marketing plans, develop new materials or programs, or answer questions you may have about the economic development process. The Team will guide you through the process and find the necessary resources needed. Whether it is a simple question or a comprehensive economic development plan, the Team can offer assistance with your endeavor.

Leadership & Facilitation

Economic Development Team members are trained facilitators, working with communities in developing strategic plans. OptionFinder, a computer-based program, enables the audience to vote on issues anonymously. The strategic plan is monitored and modified and goals are set. The written action plan becomes an important tool for successful communities.

Educational Opportunities

The Economic Development Team hosts customer representatives as well as economic development professionals at Economic Development Workshops via video conferencing at convenient locations across Nebraska. Attendees personally meet the staff and learn in detail the resources available to them through NPPD.

NPPD also cosponsors and participates in various educational opportunities, including the Nebraska Economic Developers Association conferences, Heartland Basic Economic Development Course, and other special workshops.

Mock Prospect Visits

Mock prospect visits, conducted by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (NDED), are used to prepare communities for an actual prospect visit. Community leaders are encouraged to put together a prospect proposal, tour of the community, and be able to answer all questions that may be asked by a real prospect. A critique by the team follows on areas well presented and areas needing improvement.

A team comprised of DED, the NPPD Economic Development Team, and other development agencies role play a prospect visit to a community.

Site Evaluations

The Nebraska Site Evaluation Team, headed by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, will assist communities in the evaluation of land suitable for an industrial site. The team includes members from NPPD, other utilities, railroads, and state and local agencies.


Econdev.nppd.com is a website dedicated to providing economic and demographic data for Nebraska communities. The online database includes a wide variety of economic and demographic data points for Nebraska communities — including local websites, individualized Community Profiles, expanded Site and Building Profiles, links to reports, studies, and much more.


The Micro Implan Impact Analysis Software and Database is used to prepare economic impact analyses. Studies show the impact of a new or expanding business or the loss of a business in the area.

NPPD has a subscription to the Economic Research Institute’s Relocation Assessor, which provides cost of living data. These data include consumables, transportation, health services, housing (including utilities and property tax), income, and miscellaneous items. This information is helpful when preparing prospect proposals. NPPD can also provide database research for U.S. companies, public records, and reports.

Trend Studies

Economic and Demographic Trend Studies provide an overview of economic and population conditions and trends for a community, the county, and surrounding counties. Past and current information on labor force and employment, population and migration, retail sales and pull factors, and personal and household income are included. These reports are available in printed or electronic formats and are included in the searchable database.

Trend studies are used for presentations to city councils, boards, prospect proposals, grant proposals, retreats, and facilitations. These reports are eye openers for many communities.

Community Facts Books

For a successful economic development program, a community needs an up-to-date Community Facts Book. Industrial prospects and others want this information in evaluating business locations. Facts Books also prove valuable to communities in attracting retail or commercial businesses as well as recruiting doctors, teachers, and other professional occupations.

The books are divided into nine sections: General Information; Economic Development; Labor; Transportation; Utilities; Communications; Tax Structure & Local Government; Education, Community Facilities & Services; and Agriculture, Raw Materials & Climate. The Facts Book questionnaire conforms to the national data standards. The publication of a Facts Book takes approximately six months from start to finish.

Industrial Site Brochures

NPPD’s industrial site brochures are effective marketing tools in locating new businesses. Communities can manage their properties online using the NEDI Online system. Online access allows communities to upload information and images for properties with just the click of a button. Online profiles are incorporated into the searchable database.

Premium property designation can be obtained by NPPD customers who meet the printed material qualifications (explained below). Premium properties receive preferential search treatment and other value-added features such as sidebar demographics and online listings. NPPD places “premium” sites and buildings on target profilers such as www.fastfacility.comwww.callcentersites.net, and www.SitesAcrossAmerica.com. To view available properties, visit http://econdev.nppd.com.

Sites – Site brochures are printed on sites five acres or larger and feature colored photographs, layouts, and specifications of industrial sites. Information on utilities, transportation, and other information are identified. Available sites that are controlled (owned or optioned by a city or development corporation) and have a state price are called “premium.”

Buildings – Industrial buildings are often a key resource for industries looking to expand. NPPD’s color brochures feature photographs and floor plans of buildings as well as information on building features and specifications, utilities, transportation, and other information. Brochures are printed for buildings of at least 5,000 square feet and suitable for manufacturing or information intensive industry. Buildings are qualified as “premium” when a price is stated and other criteria are satisfied.

Calling Card/Nebraska

The Calling Card/Nebraska is a quick reference guide listing names, addresses, and phone numbers of federal and state agencies, university departments, state colleges, community colleges, and other resources available to assist businesses and communities in Nebraska.

Prospect Proposal

NPPD helps communities in preparing prospect proposals. NPPD’s Economic Development Team is ready to assist communities to make Nebraska proposals stand out. NPPD can assist in preparing a professional-looking cover and index tabs as well as specific maps upon request. The Economic Development Team will also assist in some of the research requested by prospects, facilitate your prospect team meetings, and in hosting the prospect. Prospect proposals are usually requested with a very short response time and are expected in electronic format.