Attracting New Business

Successful business recruitment programs require an effective way to communicate Nebraska’s locational advantages to business and industry and to identify companies which may be expanding or relocating manufacturing facilities.

NPPD is constantly evaluating different methods of attracting the attention of site selection consultants and business executives. Our marketing program is designed to create a positive image of our state and to generate interest in locating a project in Nebraska.

Currently, our marketing program consists of a combination of online and print advertising, trade shows, and geographic recruitment trips.

Industry Targeting

A member of NPPD’s Economic Development Team serves on the State Industry Targeting Team. The team researches the industries which will compete well in Nebraska.

Targeted industry studies are prepared by NPPD, often in cooperation with the Nebraska Department of Economic Development and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. These studies define the characteristics of an industry and compare labor and energy costs for a model manufacturing plant. Manufacturing costs in states with significant production in the targeted industry and surrounding states, which compete for industrial location projects, are compared with a Nebraska plant location.

Studies have been completed for a variety of industries including:

  • Plastics Products
  • Food Processors
  • Fabricated Metal Products

Community industry opportunity studies are prepared to support the industry recruitment efforts of communities which have targeted a specific industry group and are committing resources to a business attraction campaign. These studies quantify the locational or competitive advantages of the subject community for companies in the targeted industry.


NPPD’s advertising objectives are to educate companies on the advantages of a Nebraska location, encourage inquiries and visits to the state by companies searching for plant sites, focus on industries with potential for Nebraska, improve the image of Nebraska, and encourage the use of our website ( , which is continually enhanced with vital information necessary for making site selection decisions.

The economic development advertising program is an essential part of the overall program designed to identify companies that have expansion or relocation plans. Advertisements designed to communicate Nebraska’s location advantages are placed in industrial development magazines and online.

Trade Shows

Exhibiting at trade shows provides identification of companies with expansion projects, state exposure to industry, distribution of Nebraska materials, and one-on-one conversations with CEOs and industry executives. NPPD-sponsored trade show events offer our communities the opportunity to participate in out-of-state marketing activities and to leverage their marketing dollars.

Geographic Recruitment Trips

Geographic recruitment trips have a threefold purpose — targeted industries, headquarter companies with plants in Nebraska, and site selection consultants. These recruitment trips are scheduled several months in advance, in partnership with the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, and are preceded by a direct mail campaign.

Contacts are also made prior to the trip with key decision makers of headquarter companies with manufacturing plants in Nebraska. Although the purpose of these calls is to thank company executives for their business, these discussions often uncover opportunities.

A third targeted group in the recruitment trip is the professional site selection consultants in the area. These consultants work closely with Fortune 500 companies and other medium- to large-size corporations in their site selection process. Personal visits with these site selection consultants allow NPPD the opportunity to update them on Nebraska’s advantages.

NPPD will also assist communities wishing to conduct a geographically targeted recruitment trip. Assistance could include developing marketing pieces as well as participation on the trip with the community.


Some of our best leads come from referrals — adding credence to the adage, “it’s who you know.” Talk to your businesses about suppliers and customers. If you have generated a lead, contact NPPD’s Economic Development Team for assistance. Your lead will remain confidential and “exclusive” to your community.

Industrial Overview

This quarterly newsletter is sent or emailed to industrial prospects and site location consultants to keep them informed of the new plants and expansions taking place in Nebraska. It is an effective means of communicating with companies who have asked to be on the mailing list. The intent of the publication is to get prospects to think about Nebraska when planning for new expansions. Please inform the Economic Development Team or your local NPPD representative of special events to be included in the next edition of the Industrial Overview. This publication can be viewed online at

Project Management

Generating the lead is just the beginning. You must follow up, follow up, follow up-relationship building is effective and vital to your success.

Using a contact management software, NPPD maintains a database of projects and uses the system to maintain timely contacts throughout the recruitment process. Each prospect file includes company information, source of lead, history of all contacts made, current status, and an automatic reminder system of the next contact.

You Can Help Your Community

Keep NPPD informed of the changes occurring in your existing companies. Are they planning expansions? Are they having problems such as not enough room to expand? Power quality issues? Bottom line issues? Is another company looking to locate in your community? With NPPD’s expertise, we may be able to find resources to help with these issues.

Contact us for further recommendations to help your community be prospect ready.