Customer Billing System

Starting June 2nd, our retail customer billing system has changed. How will this affect you? Find out here.

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Watch a video tutorial walking you through the re-register process here

For more information, view our Integrated Customer Billing and Operations System brochure.

A few often asked QUESTIONS and ANSWERS:

What changes on my NPPD Retail bill?

You will have a NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER in the upper right-hand corner of your bill.

If I currently pay with a debit/credit card over the phone, will that change?

From June 1 through June 14, nothing will change, and you can continue to use your old account number. On June 15, you will be required to enter your new account number as all old accounts numbers will be de-activated. You will find your new account number on your June bill. If you do not have your new account number, please feel free to call 877-ASK-NPPD and a specialist would be happy to assist you with that information.

What changes for me if I mail my payment or pay in a local Customer Service Center each month?

Nothing! You will have a new account number on your payment stub but the payment processing will not change.

What changes if I use “My Account” on

Beginning on June 2, you will be required to re-enroll in “My Account.” You will be given the option to re-enroll using your new account number.


onlineaccess If you do not have your new account number, you will have the option of entering your primary telephone number on the account, house/service number, and service zip code into the re-enrollment process. Once the system confirms the options you have entered, you will be prompted to enter a new User Name and Password. After successful login, you will be able to see your current information as outlined on the screen options.

  • New features include: Ability to view actual statement, pay bill using debit/credit card and checking/savings account, and view electrical usage information.

If I pay my Retail NPPD bill through my local bank, will I have to do anything different?

Yes, you will want to contact your bank and provide them with the new account number. This can be found on your June statement in the upper right hand corner of the statement.


What happens if I don’t call my bank to update the account number?

NPPD will have a conversion process setup to accept the old account numbers and convert the payment to the new account. We do ask that you do update the account number with your bank as soon as possible to avoid any issues in the future. The conversion process will be in place for a period of time but will eventually be removed so it is important to update this information to ensure correct payment posting.

If I am on budget billing, will my monthly budget amount change?

If your monthly budget billing amount is a whole dollar amount (such as $132), then your budget billing amount will not change until your settle-up month. If your budget billing amount is not a whole dollar amount (such as $132.46), then your budget billing amount will be changed to a whole dollar amount (rounding up). This will be changed with your June billing statement. The new billing system works on whole dollar amounts only for budget billing.

If I donate to those in need through the Pennies for Power program, will I be able to round up my bill?

Customers who participate or wish to participate in the Pennies for Power Program may do so but will need to pick a specific amount to be donated such as $.50, $1, or $5 per billing period. The new billing system will no longer round-up the bill to the nearest dollar. Customers on average donate $.50 to the program. Therefore, all customers who currently ’round up’ their bill and donate the ’round up’ amount to the program will be converted to the $.50 donation level. If customers wish to donate a different amount, they are welcome to contact NPPD at 877-ASK-NPPD 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Will I be able to access “My Account” on via a mobile phone or device?

Yes, the website portal has been adapted to work on a mobile device and converts easily to the screen.