What is Choose To Be Safe?

NPPD’s CHOOSE TO BE SAFE safety awareness campaign is now in its fourth year. Even in its early stages, the campaign took on a personal approach as teammates were asked why they chose safely over the sometimes easier route of habit, haste or carelessness. Responses were touching and inspirational, and a fire was lit within employees to dedicate their safe practices to the people and things they loved most.

Over they years, the campaign’s embers continued burning hot, and motivation was further ignited as employees shared emotional, real-life stories about sometimes upsetting, but very real accidents and incidents that have since shaped the way they view safety.

An educational component was then added into the campaign as teammates explored just what being safe “looks like.” NPPD’s SAFE Committee identified five primary focus areas pertaining to this visual concept, believing that habitual safe practices may be achieved by 1) eliminating hazards and reducing risks, 2) using safety equipment effectively, 3) positioning people and equipment safely, 4) staying focused on task and path, and 5) using human performance tools effectively.

Applying these focus areas to their everyday tasks, NPPD employees continue to also share stories on a regular basis, strengthening and building safety into everything they do.