Behind Your Outlet

NPPD looks at its options for generating power for future generations

Every five years, NPPD reviews its “Integrated Resource Plan,” a portfolio of generation resources needed to serve its Nebraska-based customers electricity for 20+ years.

The Study

In the fall of 2011, NPPD began an intense study, called a generation options analysis, to determine what environmental equipment, if any, should be installed on our fossil-fueled facilities in order to meet certain environmental regulations and still keep the plants maintained well and available for meeting customers’ needs. We also wanted to know how much it would cost to replace our fossil-fueled units with other, more carbon-friendly resources, such as nuclear, gas, wind, etc.

The study was conducted under the following principles:

  • As a public power utility, NPPD seeks a reliable, low-cost, and low-risk resource plan to safely serve customers’ needs.
  • NPPD matches its generation resources to customers’ load requirements.
  • NPPD believes a diverse generation resource mix minimizes your cost and helps serve our customers best.
  • NPPD is required to have an integrated resource plan.
  • NPPD exemplifies its environmental stewardship by complying with the regulations that affect its operations.
  • Every resource plan option studied includes renewable energy resources, energy efficiency and demand side management.
  • Every resource plan (regardless of its fuel resources) has a cost.
  • NPPD minimizes risk and controls costs by owning our generation and transmission assets, looking for market advantages, and researching new technologies for our customers.
  • No decisions have been made; these are the preliminary findings to our most recent study.