Utility Services for Communities

When it comes to electricity, what do you value most? Is it reliability, low rates, responsiveness or all of the above? At Nebraska Public Power District, it is our mission to ensure the energy-related services we offer communities in 86 of the state’s 93 counties accomplish all three. As a public power utility, our business is cost-based, meaning we make no profit for shareholders or other entities. Revenues earned are re-invested into the system or returned to you in the form of electric rates ranking among the lowest in the country.

It also means we believe in developing partnerships that work best for your local community. Approximately 50 percent of NPPD’s annual revenues are derived from wholesale electric agreements with rural public power districts and municipalities that purchase power and energy from NPPD and redistribute to their own end-use customers. Another 25 percent comes from retail electric agreements with 80 communities. Customers in an NPPD retail community pay their bill directly to NPPD.

Whether you live or work in a wholesale or retail community, NPPD’s more than 50 years of utility management experience provides you with a wide range of utility service options.

A PRO AGREEMENT is a long term partnership between NPPD and the community. Under the agreement, NPPD provides a lease payment for the operation of the community’s electric infrastructure.Service Options Include:

  • Construction, operation and maintenance of electrical system (including capital construction improvements)
  • System engineering services
  • Materials management system
  • 24/7 outage management
  • 24/7 customer call answering
  • Nebraska811 of Nebraska locates
  • Metering services
  • Substation services
  • Environmental compliance services
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping
  • Customer billing

Under an Operation and Maintenance Agreement, NPPD manages operation of a community’s electric system, while the community has the option to retain control over certain functions such as setting rates, billing and metering. This arrangement provides a high level of local control and access to more extensive technical expertise and resources.

BASE SERVICES: Operations & Maintenance

  • New, temporary and permanent services – commercial and residential, overhead and underground
  • Meter sets and removes
  • Maintenance activities – set and/or removal of poles, transformers, arrestors, cutouts, anchors, etc.
  • Single and three phase extensions
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Traffic, street, area lights
  • Service requests
  • Damage claims
  • Full-time outage management

System Control / GIS
Statewide geospatial software to manage electrical system.

  • NPPD System Control manages switching, outages, maintenance of electric system – 24/7 coverage.

Capital Construction
Community sets and approves budget at the start of construction for projects such as.

  • Line conversions
  • Subdivisions
  • Breakers
  • Transformers
  • Additional Services

Call Answering


  • Environmental-record keeping, testing, clean-up, transport, etc.
  • Engineering, risk management, large system planning, etc.
  • Substation testing, oil samples, large fuse replacements, etc.
  • Sub-transmission lines maintenance
  • Assistance to city departments (sewer, water, streets, etc.)
  • Metering repair, testing, upgrades, etc.
  • Stores / material management
  • Joint pole attachment agreements
  • Protective equipment testing, replacement
  • Drafting services
  • Human Resources services, training, security, etc.
  • Locating (based on Nebraska811 regulations)
  • Storm restoration
  • Pole inspection / testing
  • Vegetation management
  • Additional services

NPPD offers a variety of individual or customized service offerings on a per request basis.

  • Protective equipment testing, replacement
  • Substation relay testing, battery checks
  • Emergency outage response, storm restoration
  • Line patrols
  • Functional load checks
  • Additional services available upon request


Want to know more?

For information specific to your electrical system and for various pricing and service options, contact NPPD District Superintendent Bob Ausdemore at the following toll-free number: 1-877-275-6773.

For additional NPPD services in your community, view the following: Energy Efficiency, Energy Education, and Economic Development.