York Operations Center


The York Operations Center (YOC) provides engineering, supply and construction support for NPPD’s transmission, distribution, substation, telecommunications and transportation operations. It is home to NPPD’s specialized test shops, vehicle maintenance garage, warehouse, storage yard and telecommunications technical operations center.

This facility includes:

  • test shops – protective equipment such as rubber gloves, sleeves, hot sticks and other devices used by line technicians when working with energized lines are tested to ensure they are safe for use by our crews. Electric meters and telecommunications equipment are also calibrated and repaired here.
  • high bay – a 50-ton overhead crane moves heavy transformers and other equipment in this area which also houses a paint room and welding, repair and machine shops. Electrical insulating oil is received, tested, reclaimed and dispensed to our statewide operations from the high bay.
  • warehouse – the central material warehouse has inside storage covering 47,400 square feet and 355,000 square feet of outside storage. Supplies and material from this area are shipped by semi-trailer trucks to NPPD locations across the state.

Transmission, substation and communications crews are strategically located around the state to enhance NPPD’s service responsibility to customers.