Control Center


NPPD’s Control Center (CC) is at the heart of the more than 5,000 miles of transmission lines that provide continuous, reliable electricity to Nebraskans. The Control Center operates around the clock.

Because electricity cannot be stored for future use, the amount needed must be accurately predicted on a momentary basis. Operators at the Control Center monitor the flow of electricity within the NPPD system through electronic devices located at the generating plants, substations and on transmission lines. Information from these devices is transmitted over microwave, leased wire and fiber optics to the CC’s main computer. The Control Center, in turn, relays messages to the generating plants to either increase or decrease their generation, thereby matching the amount of electricity needed at any given moment, to the most economical source available.

In addition to controlling generation, the CC scans the transmission system every two seconds to ensure that electricity has a reliable path from the generating stations to the customers. For example, if a line would malfunction because of a storm, operators would immediately reroute power to the destination. The CC enables NPPD to deliver around-the-clock, reliable power to its customers.