Canaday Station

Canaday Station, a 110-megawatt plant, is a natural gas-powered plant. The station, located in a scenic rural area several miles southeast of the Interstate 80 exit at Lexington, serves three important functions. NPPD uses the generator as a peaking unit, helping the public utility to meet electrical loads during high demand periods. The plant serves as a backup to other NPPD facilities when one is shut down for maintenance, without having to purchase expensive electricity from other utilities. Also, NPPD power marketers are able to sell its surplus generation on the market, which helps keep rates low for NPPD customers.

Quick Facts about Canaday Station:

  • The plant, constructed in 1958, was originally owned and operated by Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District. NPPD acquired the facility in 1995 and “mothballed” the plant until needed.
  • As Nebraska’s demand for power increased at 2-3 percent per year and the price of natural gas became more stable, a study determined the plant would be cost-effective to operate. After the equipment was restarted and tested, the plant was accredited by the Mid-Continent Area Power Pool in June of 1998.
  • New emissions monitoring equipment has been installed in the stack to ensure the facility meets Environmental Protection Agency air quality standards.
  • The station is located on Central’s Supply Canal, which supplies cooling water for the plant’s steam cycle. The plant operators carefully monitor the discharge water to prevent adverse impacts to the environment.
  • Approximately 9 employees are needed to operate and maintain the facility 24 hours per day. Additional personnel from other NPPD fossil fuel facilities, such as Gerald Gentleman Station and Sheldon Station, provide support to the Canaday crew.